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Gun Talk Media news covers a wide array of topics related to guns and the people who enjoy them. You'll find regularly posted articles on topics including, (but not limited to): new firearms and gear, Gun Talk shows, gun rights, hunting, shooting sports, firearm safety, training concepts, trade show coverage and much more.

Dove Season Deals
Life and Death in the Hands of a Child
Gun Talk Radio Welcomes St. Louis, MO
Reloading, a New Spot for ATN, & the AR Controversy
This Week on Guns & Gear
Florida Python Hunting
Czech Republic Passes Constitutional Amendment
Black Hills .308 Dual Performance
Firearm Industry Surpasses $14B
South Carolina Open Carry Laws to Change
"Like a Meteor Had Struck the Earth"
New Guns, Ammo Comparisons, and CCW Training
Missouri Governor Pardons McCloskeys
Mexico Sues U.S. Gun Makers
Bushnell Launches New Elite Tactical DMR3 and XRS3 Riflescopes
Bond Arms Rough Series Double-Barrel Handguns
Millions of New Gun Owners to Join the Fun in August
This Week on Guns & Gear - Week 6
Former ATF Agents Slam Chipman Nomination
Top Used Guns for Purchase
Which Gun Will Save Your Life?
Concealed Carry Gear You Need in Your Life
ATN to Open Its First Retail Store in Texas
Remington Revival
3 Dry Fire Tools You Should Be Using Now!
Springfield Armory Launches Emissary
Florida Suspends 22 Concealed Weapon Permits
Army Veteran Wins Gold in Tokyo
SIG SAUER Expanding Arkansas Ammo Plant
Will Shaner Wins Gold, Sets Record
12-Year-Old Defends Mother, Shoots Intruder
This Week on Guns & Gear - Week 5's Top 5 Used Guns RIGHT NOW!
The Fifth Rule, Getting Hunt Ready, LA Carry
FBI Releases Pro-2A Statement?
Brownells Donates Over $150K to FPF
Accountability and Responsibility
This Week on Guns & Gear - Week 4
Steel Shot, Another Gun Rights Victory, Colt Update
The 5th Rule of Firearm Safety
Under 21 Handgun Ban = Unconstitutional
This Week on Guns & Gear - Week 3
Legal Battles, Training with a Champ, Self-Defense Lights, and a 2A Sheriff
Anti-2A Business Roster
CMP to Host Marksmanship Courses at Camp Perry
This Week on Guns & Gear - Week 2
Gun Rights; Revolver Benefits
Ruger LCP MAX Introduced
Black Hills .22-250 36gr Barnes Varmint Grenade
SureFire Launches XH50 MasterFire Weaponlight
Gun Ownership in Puerto Rico on the Rise
25 Great Independence Day Deals
Thanks to Joe Biden, I Know What's Wrong With Me!
Taurus GX4 Adds Color Options
This Week on Guns & Gear - Premiere
Self-Defense Lessons, Good Mags, Take Action on Gun Rights & More
First Person Defender Returns for Season 9
Brownells to Donate Portion of Sales to Firearms Policy Foundation
Pelvic Shots

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