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Lt. Col. Allen West's Letter to NRA Board of Directors
Black Hills .45 ACP in My GLOCK and Smith
Springfield Goes Pro with the New Hellcat
Self-Defense and Gun Rights
NSSF: 'Excise Tax Contributions Surpass $15B'
Ninth Circuit Panel Strikes Down Semi-Auto Rifle Ban for Young Adults
Moms, Ghost Guns, Optics, and Buying Used
200 Yards With a Springfield Hellcat?
Preserve The Legacy of Your Firearms
After Shots: Vortex Edge
The Terminal List to TV; Custom 1911s; NFA Wait Times
Lame-Stream Explanations for Gun Violence
10 Books for Gun People
Phony Gun Rights Groups, Legal Aid Network, Optics
30 Super Carry Added to Speer Gold Dot Line
Arkansas Is The Best Worst Place to Live!
Winchester Awarded Army Pistol Ammo Contract
SIG Awarded NGSW Contract by US Army
How to Choose the Right 9mm Ammo
The Power of Gas and Glass
Some Firearms Taxes Can Be Good!
ACT NOW! Denver City Council Considers CCW Ban
Permitless Carry; Reloading; Training
5 Things You Need to Know About Your First Long-Range Course
A Very DU Weekend
Live from Gunsite; ATF and WH Updates
What Is the ‘New Normal’ for Gun Owners?
Knife Rights, SIG P322, Red Dots on Pistols
Permitless Carry Law Signed in Indiana
FPC Lawsuit Against WA Over Mag Ban
SIG SAUER Releases P322 Rimfire Pistol
Unexpected Surprises
What is The Focus of Community Policing?
Mossberg Launches 940 Pro Tactical
Ammo Donation to Ukraine; WA Mag Ban; Family Hunting Adventures
Constitutional Carry is Expanding
Vortex Launches Strike Eagle 1-8x24 FFP
Brownells: Mag Dump for Washington State
Alabama Becomes Constitutional Carry State, Georgia Expected
Amish Man Arrested for Selling Guns?
Boulder, CO Officials Endorse Gun Ban
Church Security, NRA BOD Election, and Arming Ukraine
Taurus: Pulling No Punches
Totally RAD, For Sure!!
Gun Talk Welcomes Chris Cerino
Firearm Injury Reduction; New Triggers; EDC Lights
Reloading Insight: First Shots
Long Range Shooting; CALIBR Magazine; Choosing a Holster
Long-Range Shooting Gear: Getting Started
Revolvers for Defense; New Ammo; Cowden Running for Congress
Missouri Senate Committee Blocked 'Stand Your Ground' Bill
A Date With a 97-Year Old
NSSF Releases Statement on Sandy Hook Settlement
Accountability...What is Going On With Kids and Guns?
Vortex Optics XM157 Selected by U.S. Army
Brownells Inaugural 2A Day
2A Day; New from Mossberg, Franklin Armory; Operation Pay It Forward
Like Amazon Prime...But For Ammo!
Is a Proposed Stand Your Ground Bill The 'Make Murder Legal Act?'
SAAMI Announces Acceptance of New Cartridges

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