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NEW: Walther Pistols, Colt's Boss, and LOTS of Scopes
Ruger Introduces Special Edition Jeff Quinn GP100
Taurus Introduces New Raging Hunter in .460 S&W
Galco Introduces Miami Classic for SIG P365 w/Red Dot
Buck Knives Introduces 2021 Legacy Collection
Realtree ANYWEAR Rechargeable Neck Light
Saving NRA, Warrantless Seizures & Training Talk
CZ Purchases Colt
Walther Launches the PDP (Performance Duty Pistol)
AMMO, Inc. Execute LOI to Acquire
Can the NRA Be Saved, And Should We Care?
Here, Let Me Hold That for You
It's STACHE Season
Full Circle
Record Gun Sales Start Off 2021
Must-Purchase Valentine's Day Gifts
Nugent’s Guns For Sale; Gun Values; ATF Battle - This Week on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk®
Will I Need My "Riot" or "Unrest" Gun?
Otis Introduces Pro Pistol Cleaning Kit for GLOCKs
Leupold Adds New Reticles to Mark 5HD Line
Bushnell Introduces RSX-100
Easy Way to Sell Your Gun; Knife Rights - This Week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®
TSA Reporting Higher "Catch Rates"
Black Hills 9mm HP and Honey Badger – Solid, Reliable Choices
Safariland Enhanced Liberator HP 2.0
Browning Maxus II Wicked Wing
New Guns & Gear; Snubbies
Browning and Winchester Go Western
What the WOOX?
Why Choosing a Handgun is Very Personal
Is Constitutional Carry The Next Target?
All The Better To See You With, My Dear!
De-Platforming of Gun Sites is a Dark Harbinger
Springfield Armory Announces 10 Round Hellcat
Major Airlines Won't Allow DC-Bound Passengers to Check Guns ahead of Biden's Inauguration
NRA Filing and Move: Tom's Initial Reaction
NRA Leaving New York - Reincorporating in Texas
Donating to Gun Rights; Go Big with a Top Shot
The Sky Is Falling! Or Is It?
Crimson Trace Launches 50 New Riflescopes
Here We Go Again: HPA Reintroduced
Tech Giants Begin Silencing 2A
FN Launches FN 509 LS Edge
Top Home Defense Pistols of 2020
SAF Launches Nationwide TV Campaign
Gun Rights in 2021; Pistol Training & More
Review: Boston Tea Party Holster
Gun Talk Podcasts: #1 in Category in 2020
Savage Introduces U.S.-Made Straight Pull Rifle
Self-Defense Necessities
No-Mill? No Problem. Leupold Delta Point Micro
Don't Go Cheap on Glass
How to Pick a Good Quality Gun Belt
Glock, Ruger, Crimson Trace, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson - This Week on Guns & Gear
Ammo Shortages; Ending Financial Discrimination Against Gun Companies - This Week on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk®
Handgun Defense Loads with Hodgdon Powders
What to Know About Traveling with Personal Defense Accessories
Colt's 1911 Defender - This Week on Guns & Gear
NRA Announces New Dates for 150th Annual Meeting & Exhibits
Polymer80 Raided by ATF


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