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Placing the Blame for Mass Shootings
Somebody Stole My Gun!
An Antique 2nd Amendment?
Friends, Firearms and History
A Good Read on Active Shooters
Springfield Armory Launches Hellcat & XD-M Threaded Barrels
FX22 Line Introduced by Faxon Firearms
A Peaceable Journey?
Heating Up & Cooling Down
Two .380 ACP Defensive Ammo Loads
Have Gun - Will Travel?
Four Interesting .45 ACP Defensive Loads
Gun Control Humor?
Nah! That Couldn't Happen Here
Healthy Doses of Patience & Red Dots
What is The Tiahrt Amendment?
Signs of The Times
Four 9mm Defensive Loads at the Range
Training Expectations and Reality
Ego Trip
Gun Talk Media Expands Team
So What is 'Gun Violence'?
CDC Adds One More Freedom Control
Gun Free Zones = More Mayhem?
Older Folks and Gun Control
Classic Article: Hot New Caliber for Deer
Politics, Pro Sports, Celebrities and Gun Control?
Stark Naked in Vegas
Retrain or Restrain?
Will 2023 Be a Happy New Year?
4473: Stay On Top of Changes
Just a Better Barrel
More Nostalgia for The Holidays
Another Federal Agency Rolls Over to Gun Control
The Best Bear Gun?
Is Biden's Gun Ban The Left's Impossible Dream?
KJ's Gift Ideas For The Family
Oregon's 114 Goes To Court Tomorrow
Benelli SBE3 Year-End Review
Revisiting The 'New Normal' For Gun Owners
Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst
The Ruger SFAR Shines!
Approaching Midterms - What Kind of Government Do We Have?
A Lighter Impulse
Gear Failure is NOT an Option
Some Truths About Guns
Black Hills Ammunition: Behind the Brass & Copper Curtain
Access the Night...and Hunting Property
Just 'Deal With It!'
Backcountry Protection
Biden Delivers Another Promise on Gun Control
How Does Racism Play Into Gun Control?
What Are Draconian Laws?
Smith & Wesson Launches M&P9 M2.0 METAL
Ruger Introduces LC Carbine in 5.7x28mm
The Barrel Matters!
Black Hills Ammo in Three .38 Specials
SIG Introduces P365X-MACRO
More 'Woke' Gun Control?
They're 'Doing Something' to Our Kids

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