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This Week on Guns & Gear
Gun Talk Media Announces High-Cap Christmas Giveaway
Brownells 2021 Black Rifle Friday Event
Liberal Gun Owners, More Ammo, and an Olympian Win
This Week on Guns & Gear
AR Build for Rookies Part 2: Stock Assembly
New Smith & Wesson 10mm, Reloading Help
Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty on All Counts
Consumer Promotion: Dead Air Silencers
MI Governor Vetoes Knife Rights Act
Springfield Armory Launches Garrison 1911
SilencerCo's Free Suppressor Promotion
*NEW* Nosler Model 21 Rifle
Big 10 Power
This Week on Guns & Gear
Downfall of the NRA, Springfield’s SA-35, Shooting Steel
AR Build for Rookies Part 1: Lower Assembly
This Week on Guns & Gear - Rapid Defense
Brownells Launches Video Series for AR Builders
Mandated Training for Firearm Dealers?
Mass Gun Control Laws Didn't Lower Crime
All the Right Tools
Remington Firearms to Relocate to Georgia
The Well-Rounded Combatant
Canada's Gun Confiscation Plan Over Budget
Brownells Gives Back For Veterans Day
Incumbent Upset in Virginia; SCOTUS Update
This Week on Guns & Gear - On the Hunt
Youngkin Wins Virginia Governor's Race - What's Next?
Copper: Another Reason for the Ammo Shortage?
Henry Expanding Production in Wisconsin
LA AG Demands Answers on JPMorgan's Gun Control Stance
Tom Gresham on 'Kennedy Saves The World' Podcast
The Truth About Defensive Gun Uses; Marlin Rifles Coming Soon
"FPD-Z: When Zombies Attack!!" to Premiere 10/28
'Rust' Movie Shooting Broke #1 Gun Safety Rule
DeSantis Holsters for New Springfield Armory SA-35
High Speed Gear Releases New Apex Sling
Birchwood Casey Introduces the New Bore Weevil 2.0
FN America Releases FN 15 TAC3 AR-Style Rifles
Faxon Launches Receiver Kits for Ruger 10/22
Mossberg Announces 590S Pump-Action Line
Springfield Armory Releases the SA-35
This Week on Guns & Gear - The Gold Standard
*NEW* Mossberg MC2sc Micro-Compact 9mm
Garmin Alpha 200i - Not Just for the Dogs
Ghost Stryke Extreme by AXIL
Protecting 2A Rights on Federal Land, Deer Hunting Tips
A New Gun Range and a Small-Town Investment
Nebraska Grain Complex Worker Stops Active Shooter
Bead Sights Revisited
Springfield Armory Releases LevAR Charging Handle
7 Reasons The 10mm Is the Best Pistol Caliber
Armed Bystander Stops PA Mall Shooting
Public Health, Firearms and COVID Frustration - A Strange Mix
This Week on Guns & Gear - Pump You Up
New SIG Binos, Gun Rights, & Police Shootouts
Subway Employee Shoots, Kills Armed Robber
New Red Flag Law in PA
Oregon AG Sues Rural Counties Over 2A Sanctuary Ordinances

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