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Gun Talk Media news covers a wide array of topics related to guns and the people who enjoy them. You'll find regularly posted articles on topics including, (but not limited to): new firearms and gear, Gun Talk shows, gun rights, hunting, shooting sports, firearm safety, training concepts, trade show coverage and much more.

California Enacts Nation's First Gun & Ammo Tax
7 Best Hunting Scopes Under $500
The Power of SureFire Turbo Series Lights
In The Know: 9mm vs. .40 S&W
Steiner Launches H6Xi Hunting Riflescope Series
Taurus Announces Launch of the TS9
Springfield Armory Announces 17rd Mags for Hellcat Pro
Vortex Optics Launches Razor HD 13-39x56 Spotting Scope
Review: Springfield Armory Model 2020 Redline
Choosing The Right Gun Belt
Firearms Ignorance Knows No Bounds
A Look at the Taurus 856 Ultralite
Prairie Dog Hunting in Wyoming
Two Reasons to Celebrate July
Instructor or Mentor? You Decide.
Guns & Gear Show Premieres on Outdoor Channel
Another Look at 'Gun Violence'
Plus...a Whole Lot More?
DUX Expo Recap
Two Brands of .38 Special Defensive Loads
Why You Need a Shot Timer
Review: Leupold Patrol 6HD 1-6x24 LPVO
Preserving Our Firearms Rights is Critical
Placing the Blame for Mass Shootings
Somebody Stole My Gun!
An Antique 2nd Amendment?
Friends, Firearms and History
A Good Read on Active Shooters
Springfield Armory Launches Hellcat & XD-M Threaded Barrels
FX22 Line Introduced by Faxon Firearms
A Peaceable Journey?
Heating Up & Cooling Down
Two .380 ACP Defensive Ammo Loads
Have Gun - Will Travel?
Four Interesting .45 ACP Defensive Loads
Gun Control Humor?
Nah! That Couldn't Happen Here
Healthy Doses of Patience & Red Dots
What is The Tiahrt Amendment?
Signs of The Times
Four 9mm Defensive Loads at the Range
Training Expectations and Reality
Ego Trip
Gun Talk Media Expands Team
So What is 'Gun Violence'?
CDC Adds One More Freedom Control
Gun Free Zones = More Mayhem?
Older Folks and Gun Control
Classic Article: Hot New Caliber for Deer
Politics, Pro Sports, Celebrities and Gun Control?
Stark Naked in Vegas
Retrain or Restrain?
Will 2023 Be a Happy New Year?
4473: Stay On Top of Changes
Just a Better Barrel
More Nostalgia for The Holidays
Another Federal Agency Rolls Over to Gun Control
The Best Bear Gun?
Is Biden's Gun Ban The Left's Impossible Dream?
KJ's Gift Ideas For The Family


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