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Gun Talk LIVE is a weekly live streaming show that covers almost anything and everything gun-related. From giveaways to gear previews and gun rights to training concepts, Gun Talk LIVE is your weekly destination for all things "gun".


Chipman is Gone, AAC is Back, and the Great Silencer Name Debate
Trouble at NRA?; Cool New Gear
Attend the Hired Guns Show; New Guns from Smith & Wesson, Kimber
NRA Show, Shooting Sporting Clays, and Choosing a Gun
Marlin, Mexico, and the McCloskeys
Carry Permits Cancelled in FL; Remington Offers $33 Million Settlement
Remington Ammo: Behind the Scenes
The 5th Safety Rule; Block 19; ATF Nomination; FPD Filming
An AR Bayonet; More Guns & Gear
Ruger LCP MAX Launch; CCW Advice
Hot Brass Range Accident & Biden Talks Gun Control
Sig Sauer Hunter Games Recap
Sig Sauer Hunter Games & Guns, Industry Icons, FPD Takeaways
"Momma Bear" vs Real Momma Bear; Ryan’s Brush with the Law
ATF ALERT; World Record Shotgun Clay Target Break
Supreme Court & Gun Cases; Name that Cartridge
NRA Bankruptcy and FPD Casting Call
First Person Defender, Guns & Gear Coming Soon
U.S. Supreme Court Takes Gun Rights Case; Mini Guns & Gators
When Bobcats Attack
Biden's Executive Orders on Guns


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