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Gun Talk LIVE is a weekly live streaming show that covers almost anything and everything gun-related. From giveaways to gear previews and gun rights to training concepts, Gun Talk LIVE is your weekly destination for all things "gun".


Gun Fails & 2A Update
Summer Carry and Reaction Video
Illinois Cluster and Bump Stocks
Forgotten Cartridges & Loads
A Gun Talk Christmas
Being ‘Bad’ + Christmas Wishes
Oregonians Held Hostage
New Gear & Oryx Hunting
Kodiak Stories & Scary Legal Trend
Carrying Guns in a Hurricane
Intruders Caught in GT Offices
New Velocity Record + NEW GUNS
Range Ready Training NOW OPEN
Settling In and Reaction Time
Direct Thread or Quick Disconnect?
Open Casting Call, and a MAJOR Supreme Court Win
Proposed Gun Legislation, and New Guns
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
NRAAM and Canada’s Problem
Gun Talk Goes to NRAAM 2022
Reloading at Gunsite and NRAAM 2022

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