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Gun Talk LIVE is a weekly live streaming show that covers almost anything and everything gun-related. From giveaways to gear previews and gun rights to training concepts, Gun Talk LIVE is your weekly destination for all things "gun".


Top 10 TSA Finds; SHOT Show 2022
2022 - New Guns, New Gear, New Digs
Top Guns and Gear 2021
Justifiable Defense? Christmas Special
Top 10 GT Videos in 2021; Springfield's 35 Round Magazine
New Guns and 2A Rights
Deadly Dispute in Texas, Ammo Sub Service, Suppressors for Hunting
Lessons Learned from Rittenhouse; 11-Year-Old Beats Adults in Class
New S&W and Mossberg Guns, and a Cool Gun Coating
NASGW-POMA Caliber Award Winners
NEW from Fiocchi USA
Filming with Guns, Safety Protocols on FPD
That's a Wrap - Live from NASGW 2021
Cerino Relocating, FPD-Z Premieres Tonight
HSM Ammunition's Rifle & Handgun Ammo
AAC Suppressors Are Back!
Two New DeSantis Gunhide Holsters
XS Sights 2nd Gen AR Block, New Pistol Sights
New Nosler ASP Ammo, Model 21 - LIVE from NASGW 2021
ATN Optics Upgrades - LIVE from NASGW 2021
Marine Stops Armed Robbery; FPD-Z Trailer

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