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Gun Talk's Gun Talk Nation is a weekly multi-platform podcast that offers a fresh look at all things firearm-related. Featuring notable guests and a lot of laughs, Gun Talk Nation is available as an audio podcast or available in video format.


SHOT Show Recap, 2022 Trends, and a Flame Thrower
SOTG on Importance of Training, Dry Fire
Optics Talk - Red Dots, Tritium, Night Sights, Red vs Green
From Intro to Advanced - Training at Vortex Edge
Creating New Remington Hunting, Defensive Ammo
Quick & Easy Rifle Sight-In Technique, Plus Hunting Stories
Build Your Own Indoor Air Gun Range
Marksmanship Training at FTW Ranch
Tips for Your Custom AR Build
Gun Builds, Wheeler Tools, and Jeeps in Moab
Customizing Guns with Faxon
Aftermarket Accessories, Trigger Upgrades, and Hunting Dogs
VA Election, SCOTUS Case, Constitutional Carry & More
Self-Defense Game Plan and Training Your Mind
Paddle Release is Superior. Fight Me.
You Should Own Machine Guns
New Holsters, Future of CC Guns & Gear, Appendix Carry
More Female Gun Owners & Products; Competition Shooting
Firearm Trends, New Guns, Optics
Remington Ammo Factory, Rimfire, and Core-Lokt Tipped
Primary Arms Event, Emergency Prep

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