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Gun Talk's Gun Talk Nation is a weekly multi-platform podcast that offers a fresh look at all things firearm-related. Featuring notable guests and a lot of laughs, Gun Talk Nation is available as an audio podcast or available in video format.


Range Ready AR Course Wrap-Up
Talkin' Guns With Armscor's John McClain
Custom Rifle Builds With Gavin Gear
Intro to Reloading With Gavin Gear
How to Be a Better 2A Advocate
What’s the Best Optic for Your AR?
YouTube: Is Gun Culture Under Fire?
Grip & Trigger With Walther
The ‘SHOT Show Prep’ Show
2023: A Look Ahead
Shotgun Tales With Franchi
Shooting Stories With Jerry Miculek
Hunting West Texas With Ruger’s SFAR
Secure Walls From Lockdown
Shooting Competition Prep & More
Talking Ranger Series With AAC
What’s New From Daniel Defense?
What’s New with Armscor / Rock Island Armory?
How Much is This Old Gun Worth?
Gun Builds, Gun Rights & ‘Definitions’
Gun Talk…Talking Guns: Pt. 2

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