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Gun Talk's Gun Talk Nation is a weekly multi-platform podcast that offers a fresh look at all things firearm-related. Featuring notable guests and a lot of laughs, Gun Talk Nation is available as an audio podcast or available in video format.


Shooting Stories With Jerry Miculek
Hunting West Texas With Ruger’s SFAR
Secure Walls From Lockdown
Shooting Competition Prep & More
Talking Ranger Series With AAC
What’s New From Daniel Defense?
What’s New with Armscor / Rock Island Armory?
How Much is This Old Gun Worth?
Gun Builds, Gun Rights & ‘Definitions’
Gun Talk…Talking Guns: Pt. 2
Gun Talk…Talking Guns: Pt. 1
Nosler: Ammo, Suppressors & Rifles
Gear, Testing & Time With Daniel Horner
Talking Builds With Aero Precision
The Growing Sport of Helice
High-Tech Hunting With ATN
Legal Self-Defense Questions Addressed
Holographic vs. Red Dot Sights
Dealing With "No Guns Allowed" Signs
Securing Your Lifestyle With Lockdown
Demystifying Shotgun Target Loads

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