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Introducing the Galco Scout 3.0

September 27, 2023
Gun Talk Staff

Galco has launched the Scout™ 3.0, a holster that seamlessly blends renowned quality, comfort, and high-performance standards, catering to your daily concealed carry weapon (CCW) needs.

The Scout 3.0 boasts an open-top design and full firing grip accessibility, ensuring fast and hassle-free draws – a critical advantage in self-defense situations. With a reinforced holster mouth, you can confidently and safely reholster your firearm after action.

Constructed with the rough side of the leather facing outwards, the Scout provides extra stability inside the waistband while delivering a smooth leather holster pocket. This design results in a quicker, smoother draw, giving you an edge when it matters most.

What sets the Scout 3.0 apart is its exceptional adaptability. Whether you prefer the currently popular appendix carry or a more traditional strongside position behind the hip, the Scout's adjustable cant and angle allow for a customized fit. Looking for a crossdraw option? Simply adjust the clip accordingly.

The ambidextrous Scout 3.0 includes two interchangeable tuckable clips for added convenience. The UniClip™, designed to fit over the belt, works exceptionally well even without a belt. For the utmost in stealthy concealment, the Ultimate Stealth™ clip with a hook discreetly attaches to the trouser waistband, either under or behind a belt, with only the hook visible.

Choose the Scout 3.0 in a natural finish with a black mouth band for a versatile and reliable CCW holster that perfectly complements your SIG-Sauer P365 – whether you prefer it with or without a red dot sight. Trust in Galco for your concealed carry needs. ~ Gun Talk Staff


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