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Gun Talk Hunt pairs decades of experience with today's latest tools and technology to help you succeed in the field. Whether it runs or flies - no matter what game you pursue - Gun Talk Hunt is a multi-platform podcast that gives today's hunters a voice in the digital world.


Hunting With KJ: Youth Perspective
Where’s All the Powder At?
Game Care With Velvet Antler Technologies
Vortex Optics in the Apparel Game?
Talking Rangefinders w/Vortex Optics
Have You Tried Handgun Hunting?
Why the Boone & Crockett Club Matters
Talking U.S.-Made Hunting Gear
In Defense of ‘Man Bun Guns’
Is This the Ultimate Hog Rifle?
Turkey Hunting Ain’t Easy
Huntin’ Tales With Timney Triggers
Feeders & Why You Should Run Them
Off-Season Shooting Tips and the 8.6BLK
The Right Gear: Choosing & Using Pt.2
The Right Gear: Choosing & Using Pt.1
Talking Hogs, Gators, Turkeys & Cougars
Talking DUX With Ducks Unlimited
Advanced Taxidermy Care With Mia Anstine
Epic Alaskan Hunting Stories with Leupold
Turkey Hunting Gear & Tactics

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