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Gun Talk Hunt pairs decades of experience with today's latest tools and technology to help you succeed in the field. Whether it runs or flies - no matter what game you pursue - Gun Talk Hunt is a multi-platform podcast that gives today's hunters a voice in the digital world.


Art of the Hunting Blade
Brownells Hunting Gear and Deer Stories
Dove Hunting Gems
Five Things Every Air Gun Hunter Needs to Know
Going Mental and Antelope Gear
Gear Life and Boots For a Successful Hunt
A Draw Tag-less Hunting Season
Facing Black Death
You Drew Out - Now What?
Finding the Right Backcountry Pack and Sleep System Gear
Hunting is Conservation; Tales of Peril
Will Competition Help Your Hunt?
Prepping the Perfect Hunt Pack
Mentoring Youth and New Hunters
Ultralight Hunting Rifles; DIY Caribou Hunt
First Time Gator Hunting
Intro to Night Hunting; ATN Upgrade Program
Protect and Hear the Hunt
Planning a Backcountry Hunt
Bear Hunts & Emergencies in the Wild
Talking Turkey; Accessing Private Land