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Gun Talk Hunt pairs decades of experience with today's latest tools and technology to help you succeed in the field. Whether it runs or flies - no matter what game you pursue - Gun Talk Hunt is a multi-platform podcast that gives today's hunters a voice in the digital world.

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Building Better Hunters With Competition
The Best Hunting Season Ever?
‘Young Fudds’ and Evolving Optics
Stepping Into The Big Leagues
Turkey Talk With Thomas Allen Pt. 2
Turkey Talk With Thomas Allen Pt. 1
Getting To Know Meprolight
Iguanas, Turkeys & More With EOTECH
Rediscovering The Love of Hunting
Big Buck Stories + Top Hunting Gear
Montana Hunting With EOTECH Optics
Extreme Accuracy With Savage Arms
Youth Hunting Adventures Pt. 2
Youth Hunting Adventures Pt. 1
KJ’s ‘Best of 2023’ Gear List
Making a Difference With Trinity Oaks
Hydration & Why It Matters
What We Can Learn From Young Hunters
An Epic Gun Build With Maniacal Arms
Catching Up With Sitka Gear
Pro Tips on Traveling With Firearms

Stream our content anywhere.

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