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Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 10mm: A Versatile Powerhouse

November 1, 2023
Gun Talk Staff

Smith & Wesson's M&P 2.0 10mm offers a compelling package for shooters. Now, they have upgraded the 10mm with a performance package. Offering the same power everybody loves with this potent 10mm platform and adding the performance package enhancements. With the Performance Center's touch, this 10mm platform gets a significant boost, making it even more versatile.

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Extended Barrel for Accuracy and Range

The M&P 2.0 10mm barrel has been extended to 5.6 inches. This extra length allows for more precise bullet stabilization, enhances accuracy, and extends effective range. To tackle the recoil of this beefy round, the Performance Center has added porting to the barrel. These cuts help mitigate muzzle flip, allowing for faster follow-up shots and better control during rapid firing.

Performance Center Trigger Enhancement

The trigger is a crucial component, and the Performance Center has not skimped on it. The M&P 2.0 10mm boasts a flat-faced trigger with an upgraded sear and striker block. This results in a crisp, short reset, ensuring a quick and precise response for every shot. The aggressive grip texture from the M&P 2.0 family provides a secure hold, even during the recoil cycle. With a magazine capacity of two 15-round mags, you have ample ammunition at your disposal.

Night Sights for Low-Light Shooting

The M&P 2.0 10mm comes equipped with CORE night sights, which are suppressor height and have tritium lamps. Whether you use a red dot optic or not, these sights ensure that you can acquire your target in low-light conditions, making it a versatile choice for various shooting scenarios. The firearm features the CORE Plate System, allowing you to mount a wide range of red dots with various footprints. This adaptability ensures that you can customize your firearm to suit your specific shooting preferences.

The Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 10mm from the Performance Center is a powerhouse that combines the sheer force of the 10mm caliber with precision and enhanced features. While it may not be a typical choice for everyday defense, it excels in hunting and outdoor carry scenarios. With its impressive barrel length, reduced recoil, night sights, and CORE Plate System, this 10mm firearm opens up possibilities for those who appreciate power and accuracy in their shooting pursuits.


Caliber: 10mm

Capacity: 15+1 rounds

Barrel Length: 5.6 inches

Overall Length: 8.3 inches

Weight: 31.4 ounces

Frame Material: Polymer

Slide Material: Stainless Steel Armornite Finish

Sights: Tritium night sights, suppressor height

Safety: Manual thumb safety

Key Features:

  • Ported barrel reduces muzzle flip and perceived recoil allowing for quick follow-up shots.
  • Optic-Ready slide w/tall night sights.
  • Optimal 18-degree grip angle for natural point of aim.
  • Flat M2.0™ trigger with the enhanced Performance Center® tuning gives you a crisp break and audible reset leading to more accurate and faster shooting.
  • Accurate 1 in 10˝ twist M&P® M2.0™ barrel.
  • Extended rigid embedded stainless-steel chassis to reduce flex and torque when firing.
  • Four interchangeable palmswell grip inserts
  • Armornite® durable corrosion resistant finish.

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