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Real Avid Offers Precision with Smart-Jaws Tube-Fit

October 31, 2023

Introducing our newest product: the Smart-Jaws – Tube-Fit Sleeves for the Master Gun Vise. Crafted with precision, these tools are specifically designed to hold cylindrical items, including suppressors, securely and with ease.

What sets the Smart-Jaws apart is their dual-sided design. One side features a rubberized V-shaped surface, ideal for sensitive items like suppressors. This design ensures a strong grip without any damage, thanks to its non-marring and heat-resistant properties.

For tougher materials such as cast-iron pipes or steel tubes, simply flip the Smart-Jaws to reveal their metal V-shaped side, crafted to provide an unmatched grip for these hardier applications.

Compatible exclusively with the Master Gun Vise, these sleeves can accommodate up to 3.75" diameters, ensuring they're adaptable for various cylindrical objects during repair or modification processes.

The Smart-Jaws – Tube-Fit Sleeves combine versatility with precision, transforming the way you handle cylindrical items.

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