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The Power of SureFire Turbo Series Lights

September 27, 2023
Gun Talk Staff

In the world of lighting, not all lights are created equal. The SureFire Turbo Series of Weapon Lights stands out with its higher Candela and a more focused beam. But what does this mean for the end-user? Let's delve into the unique features of these lights and understand their real-world applications.

1. The SureFire Turbo Series Advantage

The SureFire Turbo Series is not just about brightness; it's about precision. With a higher Candela, these lights offer a more focused beam. This means they can reach further distances, cut through obstacles like fog or window tint, and help users identify potential threats or objects in the distance. The SureFire M640DFT-Pro offers 100,000 Candela and the M340DFT-Pro offers 95,000 Candela.

2. Lumens vs. Candela: The Infatuation with Turbo

Since the dawn of lighting technology, there's been a debate about lumens and Candela. While lumens measure the total light output, Candela measures the light's intensity in a particular direction. The Turbo Series, with its penetrating power, has been a hit among users who value the benefits of a tighter beam pattern.

3. Real-World Application: Property Surveillance

For those living in expansive properties or rural areas, the Turbo Series is a boon. It allows users to see fence lines, identify potential threats, and navigate their surroundings even in challenging conditions like dense fog.

4. The Splashback Challenge

One of the challenges with traditional lights is the splashback, especially when shooting around obstacles and barricades. The Turbo Series minimizes this splashback, ensuring that the user's vision remains unobstructed and clear.

5. Identifying Threats in Semi-Lit Conditions

In a demonstration, the difference between a standard hybrid beam and the Turbo Series was evident. While the hybrid beam could identify a human figure, the Turbo Series allowed for clear identification of potential threats, such as a weapon.

6. The Dark Room Test

In a completely dark environment, the Turbo Series showcased its superiority. With night vision cameras capturing the action, the Turbo Series not only illuminated the entire room but also minimized splashback, ensuring clear vision and accurate threat identification.

Conclusion: The SureFire Turbo Series Lights are not just another set of lights in the market. They are a testament to innovation, precision, and user-centric design. Whether you're in law enforcement, live in a large property, or simply value the best in lighting technology, the Turbo Series promises to deliver. Consider investing in one, and experience the difference firsthand.


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