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MDT Unveils Precision Bottom Metal - SA

October 16, 2023


MDT Sporting Goods Ltd., a prominent player in the firearms accessory industry, has launched its latest innovation, the Precision Bottom Metal - SA (Short Action), blending tradition with cutting-edge features for aftermarket stocks. This new product not only redefines tradition but also enhances the user experience with its unique adjustable mag latch and a plethora of magazine options.

Key Features Elevate User Experience and Functionality:

  • Traditional Meets Modern: The Precision Bottom Metal - SA is compatible with Badger M5 Profiles, catering to enthusiasts of traditional rifle stocks while offering a modern twist.
  • Exclusive Adjustable Magazine Latch: A feature exclusive to MDT, the adjustable magazine latch ensures the magazine seats precisely according to user preference, a customization not available elsewhere in the market.
  • Swift Magazine Swapping: The flared magwell design promises lightning-fast and hassle-free magazine changes, elevating reload speed and efficiency.
  • Barricade-Ready Design: The integrated barricade stop allows users to brace their rifle against various props without compromising magazine feeding, ensuring stability and reliability in diverse shooting scenarios.
  • Additional Functionalities: Compatibility with aftermarket triggers, a slot for trigger adjustments, and optional pillars and washers for stable screw base and adjusting thread engagement further enhance the product’s appeal and usability.

Priced at $279.95 USD, the Precision Bottom Metal - SA is now available for purchase, offering a reliable and innovative bottom metal solution for aftermarket stocks. For more details and purchase information, visit MDT Precision Bottom Metal - SA.

ABOUT MDT Sporting Goods Ltd.

MDT, with its roots in Chilliwack, BC, Canada, and Everson, WA, USA, stands as a beacon of precision in the rifle chassis manufacturing world. Born from a vision to enhance the value and accuracy of precision rifles, MDT's first chassis was meticulously crafted based on shooter needs. This led to the creation of the game-changing TAC21. Today, MDT continues this legacy, with each product designed to elevate your shooting experience. Collaborating with global precision shooters, MDT ensures every product is crafted with one goal: to help you Shoot Better. Discover more at

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