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Luth-AR Presents New Offerings!

November 6, 2023

Luth-AR proudly presents its latest offerings: the 14.5" Chrome-Lined SOCOM Profile Barrel and the corresponding 14.5" Chrome-Lined SOCOM Profile Complete Upper Assembly, both featuring the "F" Marked Front Sight.

Our newly unveiled barrel is engineered with an emphasis on superior precision and enduring performance for firearms enthusiasts. Featuring a 5.56mm caliber and an optimal 1-7 twist rate, this barrel is designed to boost accuracy and dependability across diverse shooting disciplines.

For those seeking an integrated solution, our Complete Upper Assembly delivers outstanding functionality. Incorporating our latest 14.5" Chrome-Lined SOCOM Profile Barrel, this assembly elevates shooting accuracy and reliability, marking a significant enhancement for any shooting enthusiast's arsenal.

The benefits of a chrome-lined barrel include but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced resistance against corrosion
  • Longer barrel lifespan
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Streamlined cleaning process
  • Superior heat dissipation

We invite you to discover how these advancements can refine your shooting experience. For additional details, contact us at

Explore the full spectrum of Luth-AR's innovative products, including the ergonomic Chubby Grip®, the sleek Palm Handguard®, and the versatile MBA Modular Buttstock Assembly™, all designed to deliver award-winning performance and comfort.

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