We've been at it for a while, but we're just getting started...

It's almost impossible to pick a time when Gun Talk started. You could say it started when Grits Gresham started writing about hunting and guns in the 1940's, because that led his son, Tom, to take up photography and writing. Tom became the editor of several outdoor magazines, and eventually joined Grits as co-host of "Shooting Sports America," a shooting show on ESPN. From that, Tom began hosting and creating several television series, including the first TV show about self defense with firearms.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk, the first national radio talk show about guns and gun rights, first aired in March of 1995, and has grown 250+ radio stations and four million downloads of the show annually. It also was the first, to our knowledge, "podcast" about guns, since we started archiving each show online years before the invention of the iPod.

Ryan Gresham grew up in front of the camera, being pressed into service for Tom's magazine articles. He worked in radio, cable TV, and was a sales representative for the Fox affiliate in New Orleans, right up until Hurricane Katrina blew in. Not long after his home washed away he teamed up with Tom to create videos about guns, shooting and hunting, distributing the videos through what may be the first online video site dedicated to those subjects. Before long cable TV called, and the two of them produced and hosted shows on NBC Sports, Outdoor Life TV, Versus, Outdoor Channel, Pursuit, Sportsman Channel, and Wild TV (Canada).  

A History of "Firsts"

The list of "firsts" from the Gun Talk team includes:

  • The first national radio talk show about guns and gun rights.
  • The first television series about armed self defense.
  • The first television series about the newest guns on the market.
  • The first series featuring force-on-force defensive training.

There's more coming. The Gun Talk team is limited only by time -- not ideas!