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Choosing The Right Gun Belt

July 14, 2023
Chris Cerino

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Choosing the Right Gun Belt: A Must-Have for Firearm Training

When it comes to attending a firearms class, commitment and financial investment are necessary. From class fees and time off, to the undeniable cost of ammunition, you've already made significant investments. By prioritizing training, you've demonstrated a deep understanding of its importance in our daily lives.

Apart from owning a quality gun and ammunition, having the right gear is crucial. You don't necessarily need the latest and greatest pistol; the one you already own is likely suitable. You can learn a great deal with your chosen firearm, even if it highlights the need for easier-to-shoot guns. However, many students fail to equip themselves adequately.

Using cheap or insufficient holsters, magazine pouches, and belts can be problematic. It doesn't make sense to invest in a $500.00 gun only to pair it with a $25.00 holster and matching magazine pouches. Similarly, showing up with a flimsy, low-quality leather or cloth belt adds insult to injury.

It's important to distinguish between inexpensive and cheap. Cheap gear has the potential to undermine excellent training experiences. Opting for good-quality equipment enhances the overall experience. As the saying goes, "buy once - cry once." Not everything expensive is good, and not everything inexpensive is junk.

While spending $100.00 on a quality item may initially sting, it saves you from the pain and hassle of realizing you needed the $100.00 gear after buying the $50.00 version. Invest wisely from the start, saving both money and the frustration of additional shopping. This approach also prevents the accumulation of nonfunctional gear that takes up valuable space.

Fortunately, I found one essential gear item you need, which is both affordable and reliable. No tears involved!

Gun belts often possess unforeseen features that render them ineffective during training. Belts that fit well in stores can become too short when paired with training pants and additional gear. Excess belt material interferes with gear placement, causing it to sit improperly.

Additionally, belts that initially seem stiff lose their rigidity after repeated use and exposure to sweat. There have even been instances of belts being too wide to fit through belt loops or holster loops on certain pants.

In a new collaboration, Safariland and Nexbelt introduced the L930 – Nylon EDC Nexbelt, designed to address these issues. Let's discuss the cost upfront for efficiency: it's approximately $55.00, with our GUNTALK22Q1 discount code offering 20% off. I've been using this belt non-stop for the past few weeks, only taking it off when going to bed.

You've probably seen ads for Nexbelt, and I've been intrigued by them since they entered the market. This ratcheting belt adjusts in small increments, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments if your waistline expands. It's incredibly convenient, right at the table!

Furthermore, if you carry your firearm inside the waistband, you may require slight adjustments due to different guns, pants materials, or seasonal changes. The holidays can affect waistlines, after all.

Apart from IWB carry, I also teach classes that require outside-the-waistband gear. Such gear needs reliable support and a snug fit. Unfortunately, when I tighten a belt, the tag ends often push my holster or magazine pouches to unsatisfactory positions on my waistline.

The collaboration between Nexbelt and Safariland has resulted in a belt specifically designed for the firearms industry. Manufactured with high-density nylon, this belt utilizes an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester, providing exceptional stiffness and durability.

For individuals like me who encounter sweat and salt stains during range days, these belts include a water-repellent liner that prevents sweat from seeping and staining the belt's surface.

Combining comfort, durability, and style, the L930 belts are sturdy enough for daily wear with gear. I wore this belt during a two-day class in swampy Louisiana, and it performed flawlessly without showing any signs of strain.

This belt offers a few more critical details that make it the only belt you'll ever need. It's one-size-fits-all, providing up to 50 inches of belt length to work with. Personally, I require anywhere from 33 to 38 inches depending on clothing and gear, and so far, the belt has accommodated my needs. Before cutting the belt to size, I ensured that my magazine pouches and holsters fit over the belt and the tag end stacked up properly. The belt is thin yet strong, and my 38-inch length has been working well.

You no longer have a reason to settle for a subpar belt when attending training. The collaboration between Safariland and Nexbelt has produced everything you need in a gun belt or dress belt: easy sizing, sturdiness, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. Get one today, and you won't regret it.

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Grips, Sights, Trigger ~ Chris

Chris Cerino is a 28-year veteran of law enforcement, with experience as a SWAT member and federal agent. He is primarily known for his role as a trainer, providing instruction internationally and regularly participating in shooting competitions. Chris holds various positions within the firearms industry and currently serves as the Producer of Training Content at Gun Talk Media while maintaining Double C Farms.

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