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First Person Defender

Gun Talk's First Person Defender is a web video series that puts regular "good guys & gals" into real life, force-on-force self-defense scenarios. When it goes down, you'll see what works, what doesn't, and how quickly it can all change. Additionally, FPD features exclusive training tips and drills from top firearm instructors.


Guns & Gear

Gun Talk's Guns & Gear highlights the latest and greatest firearms, ammunition, optics, and accessories from the top brands in the shooting sports industry. Join hosts Ryan Gresham, Tom Gresham, Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin and some of the most respected personalities in the business on Guns & Gear.


Guns & Gear LIVE

Gun Talk's Guns & Gear LIVE showcases the newest and most innovative products from the firearms industry. Hosts Ryan Gresham and Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin talk directly with manufacturer representatives for exclusive demonstrations. Broadcast LIVE across Gun Talk Media's multiple video streaming properties.


Gun Talk Radio

Now in our 27th year, Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio is the original national radio program dedicated to guns and the shooting sports - airing coast to coast on more than 270 stations. Tune in live every Sunday from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Eastern, or listen at any time on the podcast platform or your choice.


Gun Talk LIVE

Gun Talk LIVE is a weekly live streaming show that covers almost anything and everything gun-related. From giveaways to gear previews and gun rights to training concepts - plus a few laughs and viewer interactions along the way - Gun Talk LIVE is your weekly destination for all things "gun".


Gun Talk Nation

Gun Talk's Gun Talk Nation is a weekly multi-platform podcast that offers a fresh look at all things firearm-related in a relaxed and lighthearted presentation. Featuring notable guests and a healthy dose of humor Gun Talk Nation is available as an audio podcast or available in video format.


Gun Talk Hunt

Gun Talk Hunt pairs decades of experience with today's latest tools and technology to help you succeed in the field. Whether it runs or flies - no matter what game you pursue - Gun Talk Hunt is a multi-platform podcast that gives today's hunters a voice in the digital world.


Gun Talk Interests

Gun Talk Interests covers a myriad of gun-related topics. You'll find informative content covering the latest guns, ammo, optics, shooting gear, gun safety, gun rights & more. We also work with top trainers to offer excellent training tips and techniques you won't find anywhere else..



Adventures...with guns! Gun Talk's GunVenture showcases the world of shooting sports like you've never seen before. Fascinating competitions to exotic hunts and plenty of adventure in between. Join the GunVenture Team as they travel the country, and enjoy the ride.



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