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The latest video releases from Gun Talk Media including: First Person Defender, Guns & Gear, Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio, Gun Talk LIVE, Gun Talk Nation, GunVenture, Gun Talk Interests and Gun Talk Hunt. Watch here or any time on Gun Talk TV or our YouTube channel.

Better Hunting…With Virtual Reality
Catching Up With DoubleStar Arms
5.7x28mm vs. 9mm
Stop Worrying So Much About Accuracy
Understanding Recent Gun Rights Wins
Report From The 2023 Gun Rights Policy Conference
Are Hollow Points Accurate?
Are Longer Pistol Barrels More Accurate?
Colt Experience at Range Ready
New Mexico Concealed Carry Ban Blocked
*NEW* Stag Arms Pursuit Bolt-Action Rifles
*NEW* Lockdown Logic Keypad
Black Hills Ammo MK 262 MOD 1-C 5.56
Knowledge Bombs With Luth-AR
Military Armament Corp. 1014 Shotguns
Lumens vs Candela With SureFire
Shooting Support Bags in the Field
*NEW* Vortex Razor HD 13-39x56 Spotting Scopes
5.7x28mm vs .22 Magnum
How Secure Is Your Gun Safe?
The Remington 700 w/Timney Triggers
Get To Know Black Hills Ammunition
EDC Handheld Flashlights From SureFire
New Book on the AR-15: Tom’s Take
Gun Store Confiscates Man’s Gun
New Mexico Governor Bans Concealed Carry
MAC 2 Tactical 12 Gauge Shotgun
*NEW* Ruger MAX-9 With ReadyDot
*NEW* Caldwell E-MAX Pro BT Comms & E-MAX Link
*NEW* FN Reflex Series Pistols
Armasight’s BNVD-40 & BNVD-51 Night Vision
Confessions of a 'Gun Nerd'
Can the NRA be Saved?
How to Choose a Gun for Protection
A Move to Monolithic Hunting Bullets?
*NEW* Springfield Armory Model 2020 Rimfire
*NEW* Handguns From Taurus USA
Lighten Your Load in the Backcountry
Aimpoint’s ACRO P-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight
Respecting The Build With Clint Hanson
Black Hills Ammunition HoneyBadger
What's It Like to Shoot the 5.7x28mm?
*NEW* Tisas 1911 Match 45
A Beginner Shooter Improves
Why is Ammunition Expensive?
Hodgdon Powder Offers Special Promo
Crows, Armadillos & Hogs, Oh My!
Armasight’s PVS-14 Night Vision Products
Good Glass Makes All The Difference
What is the 5.7x28mm?
*NEW* Smith & Wesson EQUALIZER Carry Pistol
‘The Industry’ - An Inside Look
Frankford Arsenal’s Rotary Tumbler Kits
*NEW* Lockdown SecureWall Panels & Accessories
The New Wave of Hunting Rifles
*NEW* Franchi Momentum All-Terrain Elite
Primary Weapons Systems’ BDE Suppressors
Assembling a SecureIt Agile Model 40 Superlight
*NEW* Ruger Super Wrangler Revolvers
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