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The latest video releases from Gun Talk Media including: First Person Defender, Guns & Gear, Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio, Gun Talk LIVE, Gun Talk Nation, GunVenture, Gun Talk Interests and Gun Talk Hunt. Watch here or any time on Gun Talk TV or our YouTube channel.

First Look: Franklin Armory G-S173
Making a Difference With Trinity Oaks
One Day Changed Her Life
Used Guns for Christmas
Fighting Sweat on Guns
*NEW* B&P NEXT Shotshells
Build Box Bonus: Benefits of Mag Extensions
*NEW* SureFire SOCOM556-RC3
Thoughts on Ammunition Compatibility
Hydration & Why It Matters
What We Can Learn From Young Hunters
Build Box Bonus: Eliminating Upper/Lower Wobble
Shootout at the Gun Store Counter!
My Gun Safe Won’t Open, Now What?
Range Time With Law Enforcement
Bolstering the 2nd - Now’s the Time
Pro Tips With SIG SAUER’s Max Michel
Build Box Bonus: Understanding ‘Dwell Time’
A Western Elk Hunt Breakdown
Shoot SIG Match at Range Ready
Czech Ammo Owners and What It Means For You
Pistol Braces Are Legal Again?
Chatting With SecureIt’s Karen Hunter
*NEW* B&P Green Core Shotshells
GOSAFE Mobile Safe & Mobile Mag
EOTECH EFLX Pistol Red Dot
Build Box: Custom Bolt Gun Build
Inexpensive Gun Safety
AR Training Done Right
Gun Cases in Supreme Court
An Epic Gun Build With Maniacal Arms
Colt: Using The Plate Rack
Recap: Colt 1911 Experience at Range Ready
Ammo Shortages, Gun Rights & More
Build Box: Old Gun, New Life
A Range Ready Range Report
Administration Calls for MORE Gun Bans
Lessons Learned from The Maine Murders
When Zombies Attack!! FPD-Z
Catching Up With Sitka Gear
Colt: Tabletop Pick Up
*NEW* FN Reflex & FN Reflex MRD
The Biggest Gun Company You’ve Never Heard Of
Build Box: ‘Ugly Duckling’ AR Upgrade
Israeli vs. American Gun Ownership
Woman Wants to Protect Herself
Striking Down ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban
Pro Tips on Traveling With Firearms
Build Box: .350 Legend AR Build
G-S173 Trigger + Slide and More With Franklin Armory
*NEW* Lone Wolf DUSK 19 Pistol
Hunting Talk With Bethany Beathard
*NEW* SureFire SOCOM556-RC3 Series
Colt: An Alternative Reloading Method
*NEW* Sig Sauer P226 XFIVE Legion
Catching Up With Primary Weapons Systems
What’s Brewing with Black Rifle Coffee Company?
Crafting the Unique with Rugged Rare
Holstering the Future with C&G Holsters
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