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When Hunting and Technology Collide

November 2, 2023
Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin

In the world of outdoor gear and hunting technology, some innovations stand out by bringing a blend of science and convenience. One such device is the Ozonics Orion X. Let's delve deeper into its use and how it can benefit outdoor enthusiasts.

What is the Ozonics Orion X?

Ozonics Orion X is a portable ozone generator designed for hunters to confuse the noses of critters throughout the woods. Its primary function is to eliminate human scent, thus increasing the chances of a successful hunt by ensuring that prey remain unaware of the hunter's presence.

Scent Elimination in the 21st Century

Our grandfathers would have looked at the Ozonics and scoffed…until they use it. I’ve been in the hunting game long enough to see gimmicks come and go. The Ozonics are one of those products that I’ve held off purchasing. There’s something about it that I just didn’t trust. It literally took a good buddy of mine sending me the Orion X. I’d prefer to eat my words at this moment.

I’m a firm believer of just hunting the wind and letting the hunt play out. I used to be the guy that stored his clothing separate, changed once he arrived at the hunting grounds, and the guy that constantly stressed over eliminating scent. Fast forward numerous years, and now I’m the guy that only hunts wind and doesn’t worry about what I wear. Yes, I still manage to scrape together some great deer on the walls. The Orion X just saved my bacon when seconds counted, and I had a 9-year-old behind the gun.

Please note: Product was provided for free without promise of coverage.

The Science Behind Ozone

Ozone (O₃) is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. It's a powerful oxidizer that can neutralize odors by breaking down their molecular structure. When ozone meets scent molecules, it reacts and oxidizes them, effectively eliminating the scent.

Using the Ozonics Orion X
  1. Placement: The unit should be positioned downwind, ensuring the ozone flows with the wind and covers the hunter's scent. Many hunters place it above them in tree stands for an optimal scent dispersion.
  2. Operational Modes: Depending on the conditions, users can choose between different operational modes – typically boost mode for pre-hunt and standard mode during the hunt.
  3. Battery Life: Ensure the device is fully charged before heading out. Battery life varies based on usage, but on average, a full charge should last through multiple hunting sessions.
  4. Safety: Although ozone is effective in eliminating odors, prolonged exposure in high concentrations can be harmful. Always ensure good ventilation and avoid directly inhaling ozone from the device. They do offer vehicle ozone devices so be careful how much you ride in the vehicle with them running.

The Hunt

The Orion X is small and doesn’t take up much room in the pack. I have a storied past of shredding popup blinds while attempting to set them up. I had planned on setting the Orion X in a nice pop-up blind, but I destroyed the blind during prep. So, I took the attachment that fits perfectly on a popup blind support rod. Since that wasn’t an option, I attached the Orion X on a mesquite tree branch, which happened to be the same size as the popup support rod.

The slight hum of the unit didn’t bother the animals that unknowingly stepping within bow range. I sat in the blind a total of 5 hours and never changed the battery. It was interesting seeing deer react while the Orion X was operating. They’d raise their heads sniff the wind and resume their day-to-day activities. Every deer that entered the scene and continued their way without fear. I even had a coyote come downwind, and we all know how well they smell.

As light disappeared, an old buck sauntered in, downwind of our position. My son wasn’t shaking as bad as I was when he pressed the shot and anchored the 13-point. While we stepped onto the trail headed back to the truck, I couldn’t help to think how many animals walked directly downwind of our location. If any of those deer busts us because of scent the gig is up.  

Advantages of Using Ozonics Orion X
  • Increased Stealth: By eliminating human scent, hunters can approach and position themselves closer to the game without being detected.
  • Portability: The Ozonics Orion X is lightweight and designed for easy transportation, making it a handy tool for every hunting trip.
  • Eco-friendly: Unlike scent-masking sprays or lotions, ozone returns to its natural form – oxygen – after reacting with odors, leaving no harmful residues.


The Ozonics Orion X offers a cutting-edge approach to a challenge as old as hunting itself: masking human and foreign odors. By using the power of ozone, this device provides an effective solution for those looking to increase their hunting success rate. While technology in the great outdoors might seem counterintuitive to some, innovations like the Orion X prove that the right gear can harmoniously blend nature with science for an enhanced experience. ~ KJ

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