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Steiner Optics T6Xi Series: The Pinnacle of Precision Shooting

October 16, 2023
Gun Talk Staff

For those who prioritize precision and clarity in their shooting gear, Steiner Optics emerges as a top contender. Introducing the T6Xi series, a masterpiece tailored for both shooting enthusiasts and professionals. With its robust 34-millimeter tube, this series stands out as the epitome of high-power optics, designed for those crucial long-range shots.

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Long-Range Excellence with Steiner's T6Xi:

In the world where every shot counts, Steiner's T6Xi series is an unsung hero. Offering optics like the 2.5-15x50, 3-18x56, and 5-30x56, all with a 34mm tube, hitting those distant targets with impeccable accuracy becomes second nature.

"Never Lost" Turret:

The Game-Changer the T6Xi's innovative "Never Lost" turret system ensures that shooters never miss their mark. As elevation adjustments are made, a unique window on the turret displays the current setting, keeping you on track during intense shooting sequences.

1-6x24 Optic:

The Ultimate in Versatility the T6Xi's 1-6x24 optic, co-designed with John Dufresne from Kinetic Consulting, is impressive. At 1x, a dot encircled by a halo ensures rapid target locking. Zoom to 6x, and detailed windage and elevation markings come to life, offering a seamless transition as the scene demands.

MPS Integration:

Red Dot Precision Perfected For scenarios demanding a red dot sight, the T6Xi series shines with its MPS (Micro Pistol Sight) on top. This 3.3 MOA red dot, with an Acro footprint, ensures shots are always on point, be it close combat or mid-range encounters.

User-Centric Design:

Built for the Best the T6Xi's design, with its smooth knurling and dual throw levers, mirrors the finesse and adaptability required by top shooters. Crafted for the toughest conditions, its durability is unmatched.

The Verdict on the T6Xi Series:

The Steiner T6Xi series is a blend of German engineering and American craftsmanship, perfect for high-octane shooting sequences. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a professional seeking unparalleled precision, Steiner Optics' T6Xi series is the star of the show. ~ Gun Talk Staff

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