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Gun Talk's First Person Defender puts regular people into force-on-force self-defense scenarios. Putting you inside the fight to defend your life or the lives of your loved ones, First Person Defender shows you what can go wrong...and how fast it can happen.


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Now releasing our 9th season, Gun Talk's First Person Defender takes regular "good guys & gals" and puts them in an intense, real life, self-defense situation. We use Simunition® guns and ammo in force-on-force training to see what works, and what doesn't.  Watch all of the episodes of First Person Defender for FREE on Gun Talk TV, (offering streaming and apps including: Apple, Android, Fire TV and Roku), or on our YouTube channel any time you wish.

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First Person Defender places everyday men and women from all walks of life into highly intense - oftentimes scary - situations where they must make split-second "life or death" decisions when it comes to their safety, or the safety of their loved ones.

The situations are fluid, variable, and unscripted. We use Simunition® guns and marking cartridges that produce painful results - on bad guys and the good guys alike. See what works...and what doesn't.

Complex Problems

The First Person Defender series isn't afraid to tackle complex, modern scenarios including: workplace violence, kidnapping attempts, school shootings, domestic violence, home invasions and so much more.

Working with premium firearms and tactical trainers, FPD offers a unique learning experience for the participants and the viewers. Each episode offers individual perspectives on unfolding events, with endless outcomes possible.

Training Tips

Beyond the episodes themselves, the First Person Defender series showcases premium training tips from some of the top firearms trainers in the business. These are the people who've "been there and done that".

Whether it's professional insight on using the latest gun gadgets and gear, training concepts you can immediately put to use, or a fresh take on your own defensive mindset - First Person Defender is the "infotainment" you've been looking for.



Preview: Mass Shooter Enters Dance Hall
Shootout at Local Steakhouse!
Preview: Shootout at Local Steakhouse!
Violent Parking Lot Attack!
Preview: Violent Parking Lot Attack!
Man Attacked in Vehicle!
Preview: Man Attacked in Vehicle!
Hotel Manager Attacked at Loading Dock!
When Nice Guys Have to Get Mean
‘Before I Knew It, He’s There, Gun in Hand’
Thwarting a Mass Shooting Attempt
Can She Survive a Carjacking?
Robbery in Progress! The Tackle Shop Attacks
Before The Facts: Should You Get Involved?
Hostage Situation: Can You Make The Shot?
Multiple Attackers? What To Do First
‘I Just Want Money’ : Backed Into a Corner
CCW Single-Hand Training
Shooting To Stop The Threat
ER Nurse Fights Back When Confronted in Parking Garage
Shoplifter Attacks Store Employee

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