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Enhancing Target Shooting With Caldwell's Flash Bang

October 18, 2023
Gun Talk Staff
Enhancing Target Shooting with Caldwell's Flash Bang: A Visual and Audible Hit Indicator

When it comes to target shooting, particularly with steel reactive targets, shooters relish the instant feedback of knowing they've made a hit. However, as shooters challenge themselves at longer distances, it becomes increasingly difficult to see or hear those hits. Enter the Caldwell Flash Bang, a smart hit indicator that takes the guessing out of long-range target shooting.

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The Challenge of Long-Range Shooting

Long-range shooting has its allure, but the challenge lies in determining whether you've scored a hit when the target is far away. The sound of bullets impacting steel becomes faint or inaudible, leaving shooters unsure of their success. Caldwell, a well-known name in shooting accessories, recognized this challenge and sought to provide a solution.

Introducing the Caldwell Flash Bang

The Caldwell Flash Bang is a hit indicator designed to address the difficulties of long-range shooting with steel targets. This smart device is ingeniously simple and effective. It attaches to the back of your steel target using a hook and loop system, making it easy to set up. When a bullet hits the target, the Flash Bang delivers a visual signal, indicating impact of the shot.

How It Works

The Flash Bang is a compact, battery-powered device (3 “AA”)  that can be seen at impressive distances. When you hit the target, a brilliant flash of light is emitted, making it impossible to miss, even at long ranges. This ensures that you not only hear your hits but also see those impacts.

Impressive Visibility

Caldwell has rigorously tested the Flash Bang, and it boasts excellent visibility. With the naked eye, it's visible up to a mile during daylight. With the aid of a scope or a spotting scope, it can be seen up to two miles away. This means that even the farthest hits will no longer remain a mystery.

Durability and Battery Life

The Flashbang runs on three AA batteries, which are included in the package. These batteries can withstand over 30,000 impacts, making the Flashbang a durable and long-lasting addition to your shooting gear.

Versatility for All Calibers

The Flashbang doesn't discriminate against smaller calibers. It has been tested with a .22 long rifle Rimfire at distances of up to 200 yards on Rimfire steel targets, ensuring that even shooters using smaller calibers can benefit from its hit indication.


Caldwell has priced the Flash Bang at a very competitive MSRP of $29.99, making it an accessible and valuable addition to your shooting accessories.

A Game Changer for Target Shooters

The Caldwell Flash Bang isn't just for extreme long-range shooters; it's an accessory that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to target shooting. Whether you're honing your skills or simply having some fun, this hit indicator ensures that you always know when you've scored a hit. If you love shooting steel targets, the Caldwell Flash Bang should be on your must-have list.

In conclusion, the Flash Bang by Caldwell brings a level of clarity and excitement to target shooting that you didn't know you were missing. By combining visual and audible hit indication, it's an invaluable tool for shooters of all levels. So, why wonder if you hit the mark when you can always be sure with the Caldwell Flash Bang? It's time to light up your target practice! ~ Gun Talk Staff


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