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Marlin by Ruger: Model 336

March 12, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

The revival of lever-action rifles is gaining momentum, notably with the resurgence of Marlin, now revitalized under Ruger's guidance. The Marlin 336, steeped in tradition and revered for its legendary status, has made a striking comeback. The Marlin 336 exudes elegance, boasting splendid woodwork complemented by a durable rubber non-slip butt pad. Ruger's nuanced enhancements, coupled with classic 336 features, elevate this lever-action rifle to new heights.

With a capacity of six rounds in the iconic 30-30 caliber, the rifle retains the essence of American black walnut craftsmanship, meticulously fashioned in Newport, New Hampshire, and assembled in North Carolina.

Blend of Tradition and Innovation

The Marlin 336 beautifully intertwines tradition with innovation. With drilled and tapped receivers facilitating scope mounting, it caters to both modern and classic preferences. For purists, the rifle comes equipped with Buckhorn rear sights and a covered front bead sight, aligning with the quintessential lever-gun experience.

The 30-30 caliber, synonymous with lever-action rifles, has a storied history of deer hunting prowess. Renowned for its accuracy and effectiveness, the Marlin 336 in 30-30 has established itself as an iconic choice for hunting in woods and fields. Its lightweight build and ergonomic design epitomize the essence of a classic, easy-to-carry rifle, ideal for maneuvering through dense forests and tree stands.

Precision and Performance

In a live field test, the Marlin 336 exhibits its accuracy and reliability. Employing iron sights, the rifle showcases its capabilities with precise shooting, underscoring its suitability for hunting scenarios. The effortless handling and accuracy contribute to the allure of this classic lever-action rifle.

The reintroduction of the Marlin 336 by Ruger has reignited the passion for classic lever guns. Seamlessly blending heritage with modern enhancements, this rifle pays homage to its iconic status while catering to contemporary demands. Its resurgence in the market signifies a return to the roots of hunting rifles—a timeless tradition renewed for modern enthusiasts. ~ Gun Talk Staff

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