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TRC39 & MCG Crates From MTM Case-Gard

March 3, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

MTM Case Guard has a rich history dating back to 1968, their longevity in crafting plastic boxes for the Shooting Sports industry is a testament to their expertise. Introducing the latest additions to their product line: the Mule Mobile Gear Crate and the TRC Lockable Rifle Case.

Mule Mobile Gear Crate
The Mule Mobile Gear Crate stands as the largest in MTM's crate range, equipped with a removable tray and dividers, offering versatility in storage. Nate accentuates its adaptability, allowing users to store an array of items and integrate other MTM cases as needed. With locks, gaskets, handles, and wheels, it epitomizes both security and portability.

TRC Lockable Rifle Case
Distinguishing itself, the TRC Lockable Rifle Case combines the functionality of a gear crate below with a dedicated rifle storage space on top. Its design caters to gun enthusiasts, providing secure storage for firearms while still accommodating additional items in the lower crate. The case's innovation lies in its ability to maintain security and organization simultaneously.

Practical Applications and Enthusiastic Reactions
Chris and KJ from the Gun Talk team understand the importance of the diverse possibilities and the potential utility of these products. They shed light on the versatility of the cases, showcasing how they cater to various needs, from organizing shooting equipment to comprehensive backcountry gear management. Chris loves the versatility for his use when packing away for a long trip to attend a shooting competition.

Testimonials Showcase Versatility
The testimonials further underscore the cases' adaptability. Chris praises the tactical rifle case for accommodating all his gear, while Kevin lauds the Mule Gear Crate for its unparalleled organization, especially during backcountry trips. Their experiences emphasize the practicality, capacity, and efficient organization provided by MTM's innovative products.

Emphasizing Utility and Durability
MTM's focus on utility and durability becomes evident through the emphasis on wheels and replaceable parts. Highlighting the ease of handling and their commitment to customer satisfaction, MTM ensures that their products not only cater to diverse needs but also guarantee long-term reliability.

Whether at the range or in the backcountry, MTM Case Guard's latest offerings stand as a testament to their commitment to providing versatile, secure, and durable storage solutions. The endorsements, coupled with the product features, signify that these cases embody adaptability, organization, and efficiency—essential qualities for shooting sports enthusiasts and adventurers alike. ~ Gun Talk Staff

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