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Remington 700: Now With Timney Triggers

March 11, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

For shooters and hunters, a rifle's accuracy is pivotal. Within the world of precision rifles, a vital but often overlooked component is the trigger. Timney Triggers has earned a well-deserved reputation for crafting high-quality triggers, offering a consistent and clean break that significantly enhances rifle performance. A superior trigger goes beyond just enhancing shooting comfort. It forms the backbone of accuracy, providing a crisp and predictable break that allows shooters to consistently hit their mark. For hunters, the reliability of a good trigger ensures ethical and humane shots, translating into clean kills.

Timney's Collaboration with Remington

In a landmark collaboration, Remington, a legendary rifle manufacturer, recognized the significance of a quality trigger and chose Timney as their partner. Initially, Timney Triggers were integrated into Remington's high-end 700 Alpha One and police line rifles.

Now, the exciting news is that all Remington 700 rifles will come factory-equipped with Timney triggers, signifying a substantial upgrade in their overall quality and performance. Central to this partnership is the Timney Impact 700 trigger, specifically tailored for hunters seeking precision without complexity. Hand-tested and assembled, the Impact 700 trigger displays a weight range of three to four pounds, perfectly balancing accuracy, and ease of use. Its straightforward design allows for simple installation, ensuring a consistent and reliable trigger pull for each shot.

Field Testing the Impact 700: Assessing Accuracy and Consistency

To truly understand the Impact 700's influence on precision, a field test was conducted using the Remington Model 700 outfitted with the Timney Impact 700 trigger. Shot after shot, the trigger's consistent break proved instrumental in delivering impeccable accuracy. Whether on the range or in the field, this trigger transformed every shot into a moment of confidence and reliability.

Timney Triggers' Impact 700 isn't merely an upgrade; it's a transformational addition to the Remington 700 series. Its integration with Remington rifles marks a significant leap in enhancing overall rifle precision and shooter confidence. The Impact 700 isn't just a trigger; it's a testament to Timney's legacy of accuracy, reliability, and commitment to elevating the shooting experience for enthusiasts.

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