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Gemtech Series GVAC 5.56 Upper

March 7, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

When the topic of suppressors arises, the name Gemtech frequently dominates discussions. However, Gemtech steps into new territory with the GVAC Upper—a game-changer designed to enhance suppressed AR experiences. Gemtech introduces this innovation, emphasizing its unique role in transforming AR performance when running suppressed.

GVAC: Gemtech's Innovative Leap

The GVAC marks Gemtech launch into uppers tailored specifically for AR enthusiasts seeking seamless operation—whether suppressed or unsuppressed. This versatile upper arrives ready to use out of the box, making it an appealing choice for users keen on immediate functionality.

At the heart of the GVAC lies the Gas Bore Evacuator System—a discreet feature that revolutionizes AR functioning. This unassuming gas block conceals a crucial component called the bore evacuator, akin to the concept behind an M1 tank's mechanism. Just as the tank clears noxious gases, the bore evacuator minimizes gas backflow, ensuring a cleaner and safer shooting experience.

Precision Engineering

While an AR's gas dynamics can never be perfect, Gemtech addresses this challenge through ingenious design. The GVAC's adjustable gas system guarantees reliable functioning, accommodating variations caused by suppressor use. With Gemtech ETM muzzle device and Abyss can, the GVAC maintains consistent performance even with suppressors attached.

During testing, Corey Beaudreau of Smith & Wesson gets hands-on experience with the GVAC elucidates its advantages. Shooting suppressed, Corey observed reduced blowback—an often-encountered issue. The upper's design minimizes gas intrusion, allowing for an uninterrupted shooting experience without the hassle of constant gas adjustment.

Precision in Action: Optimized Suppressed Shooting

During range tests on Guns & Gear, Corey work with the GVAC showcased the GVAC's ability to mitigate blowback, ensuring a steady shooting pace. With reduced recoil and seamless functionality, Corey navigated the challenges of shooting suppressed effortlessly, hitting targets accurately.

The GVAC stands tall as Gemtech’s answer to optimizing suppressed shooting. Its innate ability to manage gas dynamics and mitigate blowback underscores its value. Testing solidifies the GVAC's role as an upper that streamlines suppressed AR shooting—providing precision without the need for constant gas adjustments.

Gemtech GVAC redefines the standards for ARs running suppressed. With a focus on simplicity and enhanced functionality, this upper sets a new benchmark, offering shooters a seamless experience without compromising on performance. Corey's trials affirm the GVAC's prowess, showcasing Gemtech commitment to innovation in the world of firearms. ~ Gun Talk Staff

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