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Unveiling the Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7

March 4, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

Introducing the M&P 5.7, with its innovative features and notably a Tempo barrel system. Engineered from the ground up, this gas blowback mechanism minimizes recoil significantly, offering shooters a smoother experience. The delayed blowback system not only diminishes felt recoil but also facilitates seamless suppressed shooting.

Internal Hammer System & Optimal Trigger

Highlighting the internal hammer system, a key contributor to recoil reduction while delivering a crisp trigger pull. The pistol's compatibility with most micro red dot sights further enhances its adaptability, ensuring precise aiming and improved shooting accuracy.

Low Recoil, High Capacity

Despite the elongated 5.7 cartridge, the M&P Five Seven maintains low recoil, accommodating a substantial 22-round capacity. Its longer grip and magazine do not compromise shooting comfort, catering to shooters of varying hand sizes and preferences.

During range testing, the pistol demonstrates its high-velocity impact on steel targets, showcasing its power. Surprisingly, the firearm manages to maintain minimal recoil despite its formidable reputation for delivering a significant punch downrange.

Suppressed Shooting & Versatility

Transitioning to suppressed shooting, the pistol behaves akin to a .22, offering smoother, quieter shooting experiences without compromising its power. It effortlessly handles various targets, showcasing the pistol's versatility, balance, and precision.

The Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 emerges as a versatile powerhouse, delivering a potent punch with minimal recoil. Its blend of high velocity and reduced recoil makes it a favorite among shooters seeking power without sacrificing comfort. With its adaptability, precision, and capacity for thrilling shooting experiences, the M&P 5.7 stands out as an enticing choice for firearm enthusiasts. ~ Gun Talk Staff

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