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New Galco Triton 3.0 Kydex Holster

February 28, 2024
Gun Talk Staff
Discover the Ultimate in Concealment and Comfort: The Galco Triton™ 3.0 Kydex Holster

Elevate your concealed carry experience with the Galco Triton™ 3.0, the latest innovation in holster technology. Crafted from durable, low-maintenance Kydex, the Triton™ 3.0 holster combines rapid draw capabilities with a sleek, slim profile for unparalleled concealment.

Featuring a protective raised sweat guard, the Triton™ 3.0 ensures a barrier between your body and the firearm, safeguarding against perspiration while also protecting the handgun.

This holster is meticulously designed to accommodate most red dot sights, thanks to its low-cut structure, enhancing versatility for various carry preferences.

The Triton™ 3.0 comes equipped with an optional claw-type stabilizer, adjustable in height, catering to those who prioritize additional stability in their carry setup. This feature allows for a customized fit and enhanced concealment, particularly for individuals who opt for appendix carry.

Adjustability is at the core of the Triton™ 3.0's design, with belt clips that can be modified for cant, making it suitable for both strongside and crossdraw positions. The holster's advanced design also includes an improved appendix carry position, offering both the previous ride height of the 2.0 model and a new, lower neutral cant position for those desiring deeper concealment.

Included with the Triton™ 3.0 are two types of innovative tuckable clips for maximum versatility and stealth. The UniClip™ is engineered to securely fit over the belt, providing stability even without a belt, while the Ultimate Stealth™ clip, featuring a discreet hook, attaches seamlessly to the trouser waistband, either under or behind a belt, ensuring the holster remains virtually invisible.

The Galco Triton™ 3.0 Kydex Holster is the epitome of stealth, comfort, and durability, making it the ideal choice for concealed carry enthusiasts seeking a reliable, customizable holster solution. ~ Gun Talk Staff

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