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Crimson Trace HRO: Heavy Recoil Optic

March 14, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

The Crimson Trace HRO (Heavy Recoil Optic) sets an impressive benchmark for durability in the optics realm. Designed to endure extreme conditions and heavy-duty recoil, this optic boasts robustness and resilience. In a detailed review, we shed llight on the exceptional features that make the HRO a standout choice for firearm enthusiasts seeking durability and reliability.

Engineered for Durability

Constructed from aircraft aluminum, the Crimson Trace HRO is built to absorb and withstand substantial impact and energy. Featuring recessed front glass, this optic offers added protection, ensuring resilience against drops and rough handling. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, it demonstrates its ability to perform in adverse weather conditions, making it a formidable choice for any outdoor adventure.

Delving into the functional aspects of the HRO, featuring two MOA dot and an impressive 12 brightness settings. Powered by an externally replaceable CR2 battery, this optic guarantees an exceptional 50,000 hours of runtime. Its extended battery life ensures prolonged use, requiring minimal replacements over several years, making it a reliable choice for long-term usage.

Range Performance: A Test of Precision and Endurance

To put the Crimson Trace HRO through its paces, we mounted the HRO onto a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun firing one-ounce slugs. Despite the punishing recoil of the firearm, we commend three standout features. The optic's smooth half-MOA adjustments facilitate precise targeting, perfect for hunting scenarios. Secondly, the generous window size allows clear visibility, ideal for single-projectile shotgun hunts. Lastly, a notable feature is the ambidextrous controls for brightness adjustment and power prove convenient for users, regardless of their holding position.

At the firing range, the HRO proves its mettle amidst punishing recoil. We managed to maintain a steady aim and achieve consistent accuracy, despite the firearm's significant kickback. Even with the usage of three-inch slugs, known for their heightened recoil, the HRO remains steadfast, holding zero and delivering reliable performance throughout the test.

The Crimson Trace HRO emerges as a formidable optic, specifically engineered to withstand heavy recoil and adverse conditions. Its robust build, extended battery life, and consistent performance make it an ideal choice for firearm enthusiasts seeking reliability and endurance in their optics. ~ Gun Talk Staff

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