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A Closer Look at the Ruger Security-380

February 5, 2024
Gun Talk Staff
Ruger Security-380

Ruger firearms prioritized comfort and ease of handling over complexity with Security 380. The Ruger Security 380 demonstrates this principle, leveraging the Security Nine platform while employing the 380 ACP chamber to reduce recoil and enhance maneuverability.

Unveiling Distinctive Features

Here, we explore the unique characteristics of the Ruger Security 380, emphasizing its appeal to shooters across skill levels. Its significantly reduced recoil sets it apart, making it more approachable for all shooters. The incorporation of Ruger's light rack system adds to its ease of use, requiring less force to operate the slide—especially advantageous for shooters with weaker grips or those new to firearms.

Compactness without Compromise

Despite being chambered in 380, the Security 380 maintains an optimal size. Featuring a three-and-a-half-inch barrel and offering both 10-round and 15-round magazines, Ruger strikes a balance between compactness and capacity. Noteworthy design enhancements, such as porting and slide modifications, aim to reduce weight without sacrificing functionality—a thoughtful touch that elevates the gun's overall appeal.

Engineering Precision for Enhanced User Experience and Reliability

The innovation behind the light rack system lies in its fusion of a lighter spring with strategic slide cuts. This engineering finesse results in smoother operations and increased user-friendliness, significantly enhancing the shooting experience and minimizing malfunctions.

Putting its reliability to the test, in our video, Ryan intentionally adopts a weak grip—a scenario known for causing malfunctions in firearms. However, the Ruger Security 380 remains steadfast, showcasing its resilience and unwavering functionality even under deliberately unfavorable conditions.

Precision and Power in Action

Displaying accuracy and stopping power, the Security 380 handles effortlessly. We tested the precision in shots demonstrating with a single-handed grip. The firearm's seamless performance, akin to a .22 caliber but harnessing the power of a 380, underscores its proficiency and unwavering reliability.

A Comprehensive Package

The Ruger Security 380 emerges as a versatile firearm, combining reduced recoil, user-friendliness, and unwavering reliability—a compelling choice for shooters seeking an effective yet enjoyable shooting experience. Ruger's commitment to innovation and functionality shines through, making the Security 380 a promising addition to the shooting community. ~ Gun Talk Staff


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