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New Banish Line Inspires Gun Build Ideas

May 23, 2024
Chris Cerino

Silencer Central has revolutionized the suppressor buying process, making it so seamless that I've acquired four new Banish Series cans this year. Now, I feel compelled to build specific guns to host these compact, efficient suppressors.

As a fan of quality gear, I was instantly drawn in from my first call to Silencer Central. There was no hesitation, no second thoughts—just a clear path to adding a Banish Backcountry, rated up to .300 RUM, and a Banish .22 to my collection.

"Make it two and add the new Speed K Ti," I said. Two Backcountries are better than one, and my experience with the Speed K Ti .223 was unforgettable.

Silencer Central's process, done entirely via phone and internet with their eZ-Pay method, made it irresistible. eZ-Pay allows monthly payments during the waiting period for federal paperwork and approval, interest-free. While I expected a year-long wait, the ATF's new quick turnaround meant I received my suppressors in under four months. Silencer Central even offered to hold them if I didn't want to pay immediately, but I opted to "CHARGE IT!" and get them shipped promptly.

The Banish Backcountry has been on my wish list since I tried it on a friend's 6.5 Creedmoor. It's short, efficient, and lightweight at 5.5 x 1.6 inches and 7.8 ounces, making it ideal for almost every hunting gun I own.

Interestingly, the Backcountry performed differently on my AR platform guns. My 300 Blackout, which struggled with suppressed and subsonic rounds, now runs flawlessly. The same goes for my small-framed AR10 in .308 Win. It's now four inches shorter than other cans, perfect for hog blinds.

The Banish .22 is impressively small and efficient, despite being 5.7x28 rated. Its 1-inch diameter fits perfectly on my Tactical Solutions caged, pinned, short-barreled .22s. I should have ordered two. Maybe they'll have another sale soon—the "buy one, get one" deals always tempt me.

The new Speed K Ti, only four-inches long and two-inches in diameter, is made of titanium and weighs 8.6 ounces. It's inspired me to build something short, accurate, and chambered in .223. Testing it on a friend's 16-inch bolt-action ranch rifle was a game-changer.

The weight, balance and sound suppression of the Speed K Ti have made me reconsider its potential. While it fits well on any AR-15, I'm contemplating what kind of hunting gun I could build around it. My wallet, however, might need some recovery time. ~ Chris

Chris Cerino

Chris is a 28-year veteran of law enforcement. He has been a SWAT member, Federal Agent and more, but mostly he has always been a trainer. He trains internationally, competes regularly and works in the firearms industry in a wide variety of positions. Chris recently took the Producer of Training Content position at Gun Talk Media. His roles continue to grow each day at Gun Talk Media all while maintaining Double C Farms.

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