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New Smith & Wesson 1854 Series

February 8, 2024
Gun Talk Staff
The Smith & Wesson 1854 Series: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

The Model 1854 is a testament to Smith & Wesson's commitment to innovation, marrying the elegant lines of traditional lever-action rifles with cutting-edge features for today's enthusiast.

Highlights of the Model 1854 include:
  • M-LOK Slots: For customizable accessory mounting on the forend.
  • Picatinny Rail: Offers a robust platform for optics.
  • Large Loop Lever: Ensures ease of use, even with gloves.
  • Flat-Face Trigger: Delivers a clean, consistent pull for enhanced accuracy.
  • Caliber and Size: Chambered in 44 Rem Mag, with a 19.25” barrel and a total length of 36”, it's designed for versatility and performance.
  • Safety and Reliability: Features a cross-bolt safety, backed by Smith & Wesson’s limited lifetime service policy.

A Modern Classic for the Discerning Shooter

The 1854 Series stands out for its smooth, crisp action, reminiscent of Smith & Wesson's famed revolver mechanisms, ensuring reliability and precision in the field. This series is not just a firearm; it's a bridge between the storied past of American gunmaking and the demands of modern shooting disciplines.

Smith & Wesson: Empowering Americans Since 1852

Since its inception, Smith & Wesson has been synonymous with the American spirit of freedom, equality, and security. The introduction of the 1854 Series lever-action rifle continues this legacy, offering shooters a piece of history equipped for the future. This series not only pays homage to the original lever gun's heritage but also reaffirms Smith & Wesson's dedication to innovation, quality, and the American way of life.


Discover the 1854 Series and experience the perfect blend of historical reverence and modern functionality, a true embodiment of Smith & Wesson's commitment to excellence in firearm manufacturing. ~ Gun Talk Staff

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