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Safariland's Exclusive Chocolate Chip Camo Holsters

April 5, 2024


Revitalize Your Gear with Safariland's ExclusiveChocolate Chip Camo Holsters

Safariland®, a cornerstone brand of The Safariland Group® and a pivotal part of Cadre Holdings, Inc., is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation in tactical and outdoor gear: a new series of limited-edition holsters adorned with the iconic Chocolate Chip camouflage pattern. This unique lineup, which includes the models 6354RDS, 6304RDS, and 6354RDSO, is engineered to offer unmatched protection and performance for professionals in public safety, military, and outdoor activities.

Originating in 1971 and inspired by the rugged landscapes of California's deserts, the Chocolate Chip camo pattern was a staple of Operation Desert Shield/Storm. Its distinctive six-color design, reminiscent of chocolate chip cookie dough, has since become a hallmark of durability and versatility, adopted by armed forces worldwide.

Eric Gasvoda, Duty Gear General Manager at Safariland, emphasizes the company's commitment to providing superior equipment. "Our limited-edition Chocolate Chip camo holsters are a tribute to the legacy of military camouflage, offering exceptional functionality and honoring a storied history. We're proud to introduce this legendary pattern to our discerning customers."

These holsters are meticulously crafted with Cordura, featuring Safariland's patented Automatic Locking System (ALS®), which guarantees that firearms remain securely holstered under all conditions. The inclusion of red dot sight compatibility across all three models enhances precision and quick target engagement, making them ideal for any high-stakes scenario.

Additionally, the innovative QLS 19 Locking Fork system allows for quick and easy attachment to any QLS 22 Receiver Plate-equipped platform, offering unparalleled adaptability and efficiency in holster positioning.

Designed to excel in any setting, from tactical operations to outdoor adventures, Safariland's Chocolate Chip camo holsters are the perfect addition for those seeking reliability and style. Discover more about this exclusive range and the full spectrum of Safariland's tactical gear at ~ Gun Talk Staff

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