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Silencer Central's Banish Series

March 7, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

The thought of acquiring a silencer often deters enthusiasts due to paperwork complexities. However, Silencer Central, through their streamlined process, has revolutionized this experience. Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central was able to shed light on their user-friendly approach, simplifying the often-daunting process of silencer acquisition. Silencer Central’s digitized process simplifies paperwork through DocuSign and guides clients through each step. The convenience of paying during the waiting period eases financial burdens. Additionally, their provision of a free gun trust for silencer transfer ensures convenience and sharing capabilities. Once ATF approval is granted, the silencer is delivered directly to the client’s doorstep—an unprecedented convenience in the industry.

Silencer Central’s Banish Line: Exploring Suppressor Options

Introducing the Banish line of suppressors, the Banish Backcountry was a popular choice due to its lightweight design and versatility. The compact and hearing safe Banish Backcountry proves ideal for various shooting scenarios, including hunting. Additionally, the Banish 30 Gold, constructed with titanium and featuring a convenient cleaning system, caters to hotter calibers, delivering quietness and ease of maintenance. New to the lineup is the Banish Speed K, a 100% Inconel compact 5.56 model that is only 4" long.

Testing Durability: Evaluating the Banish Line's Performance

To ascertain the Banish line's durability, the Banish 338 was put to the test on a 338 Lapua. Despite its robustness, the Banish .338 maintains a compact size similar to the Banish 30, showcasing its efficient design and reinforced components. The impressive sound suppression capabilities of the Banish 338 during live fire are noted, highlighting its effectiveness even with high-caliber firearms.

Through a comparison of unsuppressed and suppressed shooting sessions, the Banish 338 demonstrates its remarkable noise reduction. The pronounced difference in sound levels between the two firing scenarios showcases the effectiveness and hearing safety provided by Silencer Central's suppressors.

Silencer Central's simplified acquisition process and the Banish line of suppressors redefine the experience of owning and using silencers. Their user-friendly approach, coupled with the exceptional performance and durability of the Banish suppressors, make them an ideal choice for firearm enthusiasts seeking convenience and top-notch quality. ~ Gun Talk Staff

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