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Nightclub Bouncer Faces Armed Patron!

December 19, 2023

Our Defender, Willis, is a real-life bouncer in New Orleans, so he’s used to tense situations with unknown individuals. A former Marine and aspiring EMT, Willis has a background in martial arts and carries a firearm daily. When he’s faced with a couple of situations where patrons get agitated and aggressive, will our door man hit the door or join the fight?

First Person Defender Season 12 is brought to you by Colt, Crimson Trace, Range Ready, Ruger, Springfield Armory, T4E and Walther Arms.

First Person Defender® puts participants in real-life situations with unknown attackers. Watch more episodes and bonus training features at, on Gun Talk's Roku, Apple TV, iOS app, Android app, or find Gun Talk on YouTube, Rumble, Facebook, or Instagram.

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