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When Zombies Attack!! FPD-Z

October 30, 2023

After wrapping up a season of Gun Talk’s First Person Defender (FPD), Ryan and KJ are the last ones at the range…or so they think. Something strange is going on with Chris. Watch and find out…if you DARE!

Note: No real guns were used in this video. These were unloaded paintball guns. All gunshots are visual effects, not real. No zombies were hurt in the making of this movie. Zombies are not real and neither were the guns used in this.

Written and Directed by:

Benjamin L. Connell

Gun Talk Presents: 

“When Zombies Attack”


Ryan Gresham, Kevin Jarnagin, Chris Cerino


Greg Lapin, James Reeves, Barret Kendrick

Zombie Extras:

Liv Gresham, Lisa Gresham, Jett Jarnagin, Knox Jarnagin, Mark Flynn, Jace Crosby, Kale Crosby, Blaise Crosby, Savannah Rodriguez, Michael Owen Davis, Benjamin L. Connell

Narrated by:

Joe Pike


Written and Directed by - Benjamin L. Connell

Director of Photography - Don Lagarde

Produced by - Kevin Jarnagin

Executive Producer - Ryan Gresham

Assistant Director - Parker Gresham

Production Sound Mixer - Michael Owen Davis

Production Design by - Kevin Jarnagin, Benjamin L. Connell, Michael Owen Davis

Makeup Artist - Jackie Rodriguez

Assistant Makeup - Savannah Rodriguez

Camera Operators - Don Lagarde, Dave Coner, Benjamin L. Connell

Edited by: Benjamin L. Connell

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Copyright ©2023 Freefire Media, LLC

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