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Accuracy at Your Fingertips: Hornady Ballistics App w/4DOF

July 10, 2024

Get the most accurate trajectories available with the free Hornady Ballistic Calculator App! Designed for shooters seeking precision at extreme ranges, this app utilizes the Hornady 4DOF™ (4 Degrees of Freedom) Ballistic Calculator. Unlike traditional ballistic solvers that rely on ballistic coefficients, the Hornady app uses projectile drag coefficients and exact physical modeling of the projectile, including its mass and aerodynamic properties.

The Hornady 4DOF™ Ballistic Calculator is the first publicly available program that accurately calculates the vertical shift, known as aerodynamic jump, a bullet experiences in crosswinds. While standard calculators consider three degrees of freedom—windage, elevation, and range—the Hornady 4DOF™ adds a fourth degree, accounting for the bullet’s movement about its center of gravity and its angle relative to its line of flight, ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

Gun Talk Media’s Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin recently attended a Hornady NRL Hunter Prep Course at K&M Shooting Complex in Finger, TN,  and got to experience the app first hand. Join him as he explores the intuitive design and extensive features of the Hornady Ballistic App, including its offline capabilities and comprehensive bullet library.

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