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The Best Optics of SHOT Show 2024

January 29, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

In the bustling halls of SHOT Show 2024, amidst the sea of enthusiasts and professionals, a story of optical excellence unfolded. This year's event was particularly special, showcasing groundbreaking advancements in rifle scopes and optics. Among the stars of the show were the EOTech Vudu X, Leupold Mark 4HD, Steiner Predator 4S, and Burris Eliminator each a masterpiece, offering unparalleled precision and innovation.

The Arrival of EOTech Vudu X

The EOTech Vudu X was the first to capture the crowd's attention. Its sleek design and advanced features set a new standard in the world of optics. The Vudu X, known for its exceptional clarity and durability, boasted a revolutionary reticle design that provided shooters with an unmatched level of accuracy.

The Vudu X's high-definition glass offered crystal-clear vision, even in low-light conditions, making it a favorite among hunters and shooters. Its robust construction ensured it could withstand the harshest environments, from the freezing Arctic to the scorching deserts.

But what truly set the Vudu X apart was its dedication to the hunting market. The second-focal plane optic is driven towards the hunting crowd and offer a few different magnification options.

The Leupold Mark 4HD's Debut

As the buzz around the EOTech Vudu X grew, the Leupold Mark 4HD made its grand entrance. This scope was the epitome of precision engineering, designed for the most demanding marksmen.

The Mark 4HD featured an advanced optical system with a high-definition lens that provided a razor-sharp image. Its magnification range was perfect for long-range shooting, allowing shooters to see their targets with incredible detail.

One of the most talked-about features of the Mark 4HD was its first-focal-plane reticle. This meant that the reticle size changed with the zoom, allowing shooters to accurately estimate range and bullet drop at any magnification level.

The Mark 4HD was also renowned for its ruggedness. Built to rigorous standards, it could endure the recoil of the most powerful rifles and the most extreme weather conditions, making it a reliable companion for any adventure. We can only imagine this will cannibalize a few other Leupold optics while making waves.

The Burris Eliminator

If you know Burris, then you’ve heard of the Eliminator. The updated version of the popular Burris Eliminator scope was unveiled at SHOT Show 2024 and represents a significant leap forward in rifle scope technology. This advanced optic integrates state-of-the-art features, setting a new benchmark for precision and convenience in shooting.

At the heart of the Eliminator is its groundbreaking laser rangefinding capability, which allows shooters to determine the distance quickly and accurately to their target. This feature is complemented by a sophisticated ballistic calculator that instantly provides the perfect holdover and windage adjustments. This integration ensures that shooters can make accurate shots even at extreme distances, significantly enhancing long-range shooting accuracy.

The scope's high-definition optics offer crystal-clear clarity, ensuring that shooters have the best possible view of their target. The Eliminator's robust construction makes it durable enough to withstand the rigors of any environment, from rugged outdoor hunting expeditions to high-stakes tactical operations.

One of the most user-friendly aspects of the Burris Eliminator is its intuitive interface. The scope simplifies complex calculations and adjustments, allowing shooters to focus on the shot rather than the settings. This ease of use, combined with its advanced features, makes the Eliminator a top choice for hunters and marksmen seeking a reliable, high-performance optic. Perhaps the biggest bonus of upgrades is the look of a traditional optic. The 34mm tube design allows the optic to fit a wide variety of firearms no matter clearance height.

Steiner Predator 4S Steals the Show

Just when attendees thought they had seen it all, the Steiner Predator 4S took the stage, stealing the show with its innovative technology and sleek design. Sleek is an understatement. This is the world’s shortest and lightest 4-16X optic on the market and is setting the standard as we speak.

The Predator 4S was a game-changer for hunters. When you talk packing light for a hunt, hunters sacrifice everything except weight on the optic. That all changed as the Predator 4S weighs just over 18 ounces.

The Predator 4S was not just about optical brilliance; it was also incredibly user-friendly. Its intuitive controls and ergonomic design made it easy to adjust settings on the fly, a crucial feature in the dynamic world of hunting.

The Verdict

As the SHOT Show 2024 came to a close, the debate over which optic reigned supreme was intense. Each scope had its unique strengths, catering to different needs and preferences.

The EOTech Vudu X was hailed for its smart features and ruggedness, ideal for tactical shooters and night hunters. The Leupold Mark 4HD was praised for its precision and durability, a top choice for long-range shooters. The Burris Eliminator is unbelievable for its redesign and intuitive features. The Steiner Predator 4S, with its compact and lightweight design, was a favorite among hunters. ~ Gun Talk Staff

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