Terror Attacks of 2001 And Their Echoes Today

September 10, 2020
Tom Gresham

This Friday marks 19 years since terrorists flew airliners into buildings, the Pentagon, and crashed another into a field in Pennsylvania, murdering thousands and changing the world. Certainly, it changed how millions of Americans approach their personal safety.

That was almost a generation ago.  Some voters going to the polls in November were not alive on September 11, 2001. For them, it's just history. Pearl Harbor, Vietnam War, Gulf War, 9-11 attacks -- history.

Millions of us who were alive made serious changes in our defensive measures. No, we aren't going to stop a hijacking (although the inspirationally brave passengers on Flight 93 refused to allow "their" plane to be flown into a building, sacrificing their lives to save others).

Not enough can be said about those who rushed into the buildings to save others, some only to be killed themselves. Listen to my friend John Tucci describe how he survived when the buildings came down near him. You will never again leave the house without a flashlight (and probably a gun). Listen to the interview here, starting at 9:13: https://guntalk.libsyn.com/guntalk-2011-09-11-part-a.

Just as Americans did after watching the helplessness of those in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, we stared at the TV coverage of the attacks on our country and thought that we each need to provide whatever measure of protection we can for ourselves and our families. People bought guns and ammo. The smart ones also bought training.

We also pulled together. It didn't matter what political party you belonged to. You helped out.  You volunteered. You donated. You flew the American flag.

It's hard to believe how much has changed in only 19 years. I look at the despicable, truly evil, people attacking the elderly on the streets, accosting people dining in restaurants and demanding a raised fist (Sig Heil!) from them, as well as burning downtown areas in many cities and assaulting and murdering those who express differing viewpoints, and I not only shake my head, but I load extra magazines.

We can lament the horrible developments brought on by the violent leftists in this country over the first nine months of this year, but we also must face the reality of what is going on. The reports I see from those who have world-wide experience with revolutions convince me that few of the demonstrations and none of the violent riots are spontaneous. They are planned, organized, financed, and driven by someone or multiple someones putting many millions of dollars into this. The same "organizers" lead riots in multiple cities. The same people are shouting instructions in city after city. They travel to the events with teams of "security" people -- men wearing body armor-- watching to make sure everyone there is cheering and clapping, accosting and attacking those who don't, recording the license plates of the cars driven by people who they think aren't really part of the revolution. Why record the license plate info?  That's for future action -- tracking, showing up at the workplaces of those people, demanding they be fired from their jobs -- the cancel culture at its worst.

This is not like the 1960's.  As we have seen from the information gained after Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people in self-defense, a number of the people attracted to the riots have criminal records for violent crimes, are armed, and they are there to hurt someone. They are, in fact, sociopaths. But they are being bused in, flown in, being given rooms to stay in, being directed, being organized, and they are encouraged to burn, loot, pillage, beat and even kill.

This is not a form of social justice. It is not petitioning the government. It is not democracy in action. It is a revolution. It is a violent revolution. They know this. They want this.

Most Americans still don't get it.

In my mind, the only difference between the terrorists burning, looting and killing today from those who hijacked the planes on September 19 is one of scale.

What can you do about it?

Two things.

First, talk plainly about this with your family, including children in their mid to late teens and older. Explain the dangers of being anywhere near these riots. Naturally, you should have the means for self-defense, and you should PAY FOR real training, and then practice. This is how you protect yourself and your family from immediate threats.

Second, you must start today to defeat the radical leftist agenda of the Democratic Party. Biden is not the issue. He's a place holder. His last-minute denouncements of violence are poll-driven and insincere, at best. The ideology that encourages and enables the destruction of private businesses and the physical attacks on anyone who doesn't march in time with ANTIFA fuels the power base of the jackass party.

If they take the White House and the Senate in November there will be nothing to stop them from enacting the gun control fantasies which have failed miserably in New York, Chicago, and California.

People are voting right now. If you say you are serious about this, it's time to get off your rear. It's time to get off your wallet. We are less than eight weeks until the Nov. 3 election. Volunteer for a Senate candidate. Go door to door. Put political signs in your yard. (Don't be afraid of what others may think. You either stand up for your beliefs or you cower in fear.) Make a financial donation. Even $25 helps, but if you can donate the cost of the last gun you bought, that goes a long way.

The next selections for the Supreme Court will be made by Donald Trump or Joe Biden (or maybe Kamala Harris). Four more years of nominating judges and justices who support the Second Amendment and understand that it is there so that we can protect ourselves will make a massive difference for the next 30 years.

No more talk. It's time for action. Take care of your family and your country.

Stand up. Speak up.  Show up.


Tom Gresham
Author, outdoorsman, gun rights activist, and firearms enthusiast for more than five decades, Tom Gresham hosts Tom Gresham's Gun Talk, the first nationally-syndicated radio show about guns and the shooting sports, and is also the producer and co-host of the Guns & Gear, GunVenture and First Person Defender television series.


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