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Taurus Launches TH10

January 9, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

Taurus, a leader in the firearms sector, is thrilled to unveil the Taurus TH10 - its latest groundbreaking handgun. Launching this Friday, December 22nd, the TH10 offers an unmatched blend of safety, precision, and innovative design, perfect for gun enthusiasts.

Optimized Features of the New Taurus TH10:

  • Advanced Combination Safety/De-cocker Lever: The TH10 features a novel lever that allows users to select between hammer-down or cocked-and-locked carrying modes. This versatility enhances safety and caters to various shooting styles.
  • High-Precision Stainless Steel Barrel: The TH10's stainless steel barrel delivers extraordinary accuracy, setting it apart as a top choice for experienced shooters and those improving their skills.
  • Customized Recoil Spring and Guide Rod for 10mm Caliber: Tailored specifically for the powerful 10mm round, the TH10's recoil spring and guide rod provide consistent, reliable performance, ensuring the firearm's durability and long-term use.
  • High Capacity 15-Round Magazine: With a 15-round magazine, the TH10 offers significant firepower, making it perfect for self-defense or competitive shooting.
  • Versatile Sight Dovetail: The TH10 comes with standard industry sight dovetails, making it easy to add aftermarket sights. This customization ability meets various shooting needs and preferences.

The Taurus TH10, a 10mm handgun, is a testament to Taurus's dedication to innovation, safety, and quality. This powerful and versatile firearm is setting new benchmarks in the industry, ideal for those seeking a dependable, high-performance handgun. ~ Gun Talk Staff

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