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Stag Arms SPCTRM, Pursuit & Retro Rifles

January 17, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

With two decades entrenched in the AR market, Stag Arms stands tall as an epitome of innovation. Expressing enthusiasm about Stag's 20-year milestone, we turn the spotlight to Stag's latest offerings, beginning with the Retro line—a visually appealing series, including the coveted carry handle variant, reminiscent of classic M4s.

Pioneering Left-Handed ARs, Stag's distinctive feature revolves around catering to left-handed shooters—an often-overlooked niche. Proudly dubbed "left eject" systems, these rifles resonate with left-eye dominant individuals or genuine left-handed shooters—a unique hallmark of Stag's commitment to inclusivity and functionality.

New Series

Venturing into hunting applications, Stag introduces the Pursuit series—an AR-10 model in midnight bronze. Upgrades such as ambidextrous charging handles and ergonomic designs cater to precision hunters, ensuring each shot counts while maintaining comfort and usability.

The Spectrum Series stands out, boasting a distinct lineup with 50 Shades of OD, FDE, and Gray. Unconventionally designed with contrasting components and upgraded features, these rifles embody Stag's avant-garde approach to firearm aesthetics.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Stag Arms distinguishes itself through its robust warranty structure—100% American-made products, a full lifetime transferable warranty, and an unprecedented "infinite shot barrel guarantee." Such guarantees underscore Stag's unyielding commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Testing on the Range

In a hands-on demonstration, the Spectrum Series rifles take center stage. Gun Talk’s Ryan Gresham and Stag Arms’ Torrie Roodhouse, showcase the Spectrum “Colonel Mustard” and “50 Shades of ODG” variants, respectively, exhibit the rifles' lightweight build and enhanced triggers, making shooting enjoyable and precise.

Testing these rifles on the range emphasizes their reliability and precision. We were able test and showcase the rifles' performance, reflecting Stag Arms' steadfast commitment to delivering quality firearms that enthusiasts can rely on.

Stag Arms remains at the forefront of the firearms industry, continually innovating and providing cutting-edge solutions. With a diverse array of rifles, Stag not only meets but exceeds expectations, promising reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction for years to come. ~ Gun Talk Staff

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