Springfield Armory Releases the SA-35

October 26, 2021


GENESEO, ILL. –Springfield Armory® is proud to announce the release of the new SA-35™ 9mm, a modern take on a revered design created by no less than John Moses Browning and available now.

Made here in the U.S.A. in Geneseo, Illinois, the SA-35 takes advantage of modern materials and manufacturing techniques, while still retaining the appeal of the original P-35 design. The pistol features a forged carbon steel frame and slide as well as a cold hammer forged barrel for maximum strength and durability.

The pistol also features numerous performance and ergonomic enhancements. These include subtle but significant changes to barrel feed ramp and extractor geometry to ensure the pistol will work with today’s cutting-edge defensive rounds. Further upgrades include a factory-tuned trigger, 15-round flush-fit magazine, beveled magazine well, recontoured “no-bite” hammer design, modern Tactical Rack sights, extended thumb safety and more.

Additionally, the choice was made to configure the SA-35 without the magazine disconnect as found in the original design. This brings it in line with the rest of Springfield Armory’s offerings and provides the ability for magazines to drop freely.

“With the release of our U.S.-made SA-35, Springfield Armory is giving shooters a highly sought-after design with the features and upgrades they demand,” says Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory. “As with our other offerings such as the 1911 and M1A, Springfield Armory has proven yet again that we can deliver a respected design updated with cutting-edge features.”

Another impressive quality of the SA-35 is its parts compatibility with the original design. This ensures that users have access to the extremely broad selection of aftermarket parts and accessories available today.

“With its modern enhancements and upgrades, the SA-35 takes a classic and updates it for the 21st century,” says Steve Kramer. “And at an MSRP of just $699, it gives shooters a great opportunity to own a shootable, updated, American-made version of an iconic pistol from Springfield Armory.”

To learn more about the SA-35, visit https://www.spr-ar.com/r/4858

To see the SA-35 video, visit: https://www.spr-ar.com/r/4859

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