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Springfield Armory Echelon Series - Innovative Service/Duty Pistol

November 22, 2023
Gun Talk Staff

Springfield Armory has introduced their Echelon series, a groundbreaking service and duty pistol that redefines what shooters can expect from a full-size handgun. We will break down the innovative features of the Echelon series. With a focus on the pistol's design, components, and performance, we'll explore why this firearm is set to become the new standard in the industry. The Echelon series from Springfield Armory represents a significant leap forward in the world of service and duty pistols. Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement professionals, as well as civilian shooters seeking a high-quality firearm, this pistol offers a wealth of features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Central Operating Group

The heart of the Echelon series is the Central Operating Group, also known as the chassis. This component is the serialized part of the pistol and fits into the grip. What sets it apart is its versatility, allowing users to choose from three different grip sizes and three included backstraps, ensuring a comfortable and personalized fit.

Magazine Options and Slide Features

The Echelon series ships with two magazines, one with a 20-round capacity and another with a 17-round capacity. The pistol also comes with magazine extensions, providing additional versatility for shooters. The slide of the Echelon series is designed for optimal performance. It features aggressive serrations both forward and rearward, making it easy to manipulate the slide for various actions, such as press checks. Additionally, the trenches and flares at the front and rear of the slide provide natural stopping points for the fingers, enhancing user control. Springfield Armory has made the Echelon series fully ambidextrous, including ambidextrous slide lock levers, magazine releases, and more. This ensures that both left-handed and right-handed shooters can comfortably operate the pistol.

Variable Interface System

One of the standout features of the Echelon series is the Variable Interface System. The slide is deeply cut to accommodate various optics without the need for additional plates. This system is compatible with 30 different optics, making it highly adaptable to different shooting scenarios.

Adaptive Grip Texture

The grip module of the Echelon series features what Springfield Armory calls the "Adaptive Grip Texture." This texture provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing the pistol to remain stable in the hand, even during rapid fire.

Performance on the Range

The Gun Talk Media staff put the Echelon series through its paces on the shooting range. The shooter experiences the benefits of the low bore axis, the comfortable grip, and the smooth trigger pull. With the option for a red dot sight, shooters can enjoy the co-witnessing of sights through the optic, enhancing accuracy. The Echelon series impresses with its accuracy, controllability, and overall shooting experience, making it a promising choice for law enforcement and civilian users.

The Springfield Armory Echelon series represents a significant step forward in the world of service and duty pistols. With its innovative design, adaptability to various optics, ambidextrous controls, and comfortable grip, this pistol is set to become the new industry standard. Whether you're a professional law enforcement officer or a discerning civilian shooter, the Echelon series offers a promising solution for your shooting needs. ~ Gun Talk Staff


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