Self-Defense Necessities

December 29, 2020
L.P. Brezny

A simple and inexpensive upgrade to any Glock is replacing the front sights. The front sight is the same on all Glocks, but the rear sight is different depending on the model. Rear sights for your Glock 43 will also fit the 42, 43x, and 48.

The rear sight can be adjusted. They are slim and don't hang up much when drawing from a holster, but even that can be improved. 

Glocks are one of the top every day carry (EDC) handguns on the market today. They are lightweight and dependable. The G43 in 9mm is a leader within the Glock family because the 9mm hits hard, has low recoil and, at least until the ammo shortage, was cheap and found at any good hardware store and all sporting goods stores.

Talk to Glock fans and most tell you the first thing they do is switch out the factory sights for something better. The standard factory sights on the Glock 43 are polymer. A lot of shooters want metal because it holds up better under adverse conditions and time.

Before changing out the sights, first decide why you are changing them. Some after-market sights are designed with one use in mind while others are general purpose. Here is a look at the top reasons people want to change their sights.


Sights with rounded edges and no sharp corners will not affect target acquisition, but may affect how easily you can draw from a holster. 

Here are the reasons why:

1) Your EDC needs to be easy to access and easy to draw. If you carry a Kydex or other hard-sided holster, the squared-off factory sights are not a problem. If they scratch along the holster, that is OK because they won't hang up.

2) If you carry in a nylon or other soft-side holster, then you must have sights that will not snag on the fabric. Sights with sharp points or hard angles can also tear the inside of the holster, making the snagging problem that much worse. Instead of pulling your EDC, you come away with the gun still wrapped in the holster.

3) Leather holsters are between fabric and hard-sided holsters. They offer more protection than fabric, but will absorb moisture. Over time the leather will conform to your body for a more comfortable carry, unlike a hard-side holster. A good leather holster will weigh more than a simple hard plastic one.

4) Cheap leather holsters may have seams where the sights can hang up.Custom leather holsters are designed to make sure the gun slides free without anything in the way to catch on the sights. 

Self-defense sights also need to give you a fast target acquisition. More and more experts say use a plain black rear sight and a front sight that is either a bright dot, or better yet, a bright dot that also glows in the dark. Tritium sights naturally glow without any need to recharge them, making them ideal for this.

Some of the standard G43 rear sights come with a big, white, painted-on U. While that may be fine on the range when you can take your time lining up your shot, that big white line draws your attention away from the front sight and your target. You do not need distractions when you are in a hurry.


The G43 may not be a top contender for tournaments and competition because it is a single-stack magazine. Using your EDC in tournaments will make you a better shot in the field and in crunch situations.

If you plan to dedicate a G43 to tourney and competitions, consider getting a red dot or holographic sight. These sights let you focus on the target and sight together. With iron sights, you have to focus on one of the sights or the target. As you get older, the ability to focus on one of those points gets ever harder.

With red dot sights, you can focus on the sight (the dot) and the target at the same time. For older shooters, this ability to see both clearly is a major advantage.

Another advantage is you are looking through a short tube or ring. That naturally draws your eye along that sight path. Distractions are easier to ignore.

Some of these sights, also called a Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) sight, may require some gunsmithing to the slide. A larger cutout to mount the sight will not affect the gun's performance. Done right, you can also remove the optic and go back to iron sights.


Take a 9mm handgun hunting? Certainly. Where allowed by law, you can hunt small game and varmints with a 9mm. Some people carry a handgun specifically for varmints while hunting other game. Of course, if you unload on a yote from your deer stand, you've probably ruined the deer hunting for a bit.

Most any sights will work for hunting, but red dot and holographic sights are best. L.P.

L.P. Brezny

L.P has been writing and reviewing the product as well as how-to projects for the past 50 years. He has authored four books on shooting with three on long-range, and one covering shotgunning. With 26 years on a metro police department as a street officer and the rank of SGT / training L.P. has covered all the bases regarding weapons and street survival. 


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