SC Sees Increase in CCW Applications

August 25, 2021

From Bearing Arms

While the press and many Democrats have focused on the fact that under South Carolina’s new “open carry with training” law those with concealed carry permits can choose to carry either openly or concealed, another aspect of the law is having a much bigger impact in the state.

The new revisions to the state’s carry laws also scrapped the fees charged by the state for a carry license, and since the law has taken effect there’s been a surge in demand from residents eager to embrace their Second Amendment rights.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the agency responsible for processing the CWP applications, says they’re processing more applications than before August 15th – when the new laws took effect. SLED representatives say they’re averaging more than 400 applications a day.

Licensed gun safety instructors are seeing the demand for training double.

“We have seen an increase in requests for training not just CWP which we offer several times a month. We even offer weekday classes for those people,” said Sherra Scott, who co-owns Sandhill Shooting Sports in Lugoff. “I have seen an increase in women – which to me is a good thing.”