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Rossi USA Expands R95 Series

January 12, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

Rossi USA, a leader in firearm innovation, is excited to announce the expansion of its popular R95 series with two new models: the R95 Triple Black and the R95 Laminate. These additions are designed to meet the diverse preferences of firearm enthusiasts, combining aesthetic appeal with functional excellence.

The R95 Triple Black and Laminate Models: Where Style Meets Functionality

The R95 series by Rossi USA has always been synonymous with versatility and performance. The introduction of the Triple Black and Laminate models takes this legacy a step further, offering shooters a choice of finishes to express their individuality without sacrificing the series' renowned functionality.

Key Features of the R95 Triple Black and Laminate Models:

Finish Options for Every Taste:

  • Triple Black: Opt for the Triple Black model with its durable black Cerakote finish, ideal for all-weather conditions.
  • Laminate: Choose the Laminate model for its eye-catching laminated wood finish, adding a classic touch to your firearm collection.

Enhanced Accuracy Features:

  • Both models come equipped with a peep hole sight on a Picatinny rail, ensuring improved accuracy.
  • The windage drift adjustable front sight caters to personalized shooting adjustments, common to both models.

Customizable Triple Black Features:

  • The Triple Black model boasts a threaded barrel, ready for suppressors or muzzle brakes, offering a tailored shooting experience.
  • Its medium loop lever is paracord wrapped, providing a unique and enhanced grip.

Comfort and Convenience in the Laminate Model:

  • The Laminate model features a soft touch recoil pad for superior comfort and reduced recoil impact.
  • Built-in sling stud mounts add to the convenience and ease of carrying.

Reliable Ammunition Capacity:

  • Both models are equipped with a tube magazine, holding up to 5 rounds, ensuring dependable performance in various shooting scenarios.

Versatile Sling Options:

  • The Triple Black model includes integrated sling mounts, while the Laminate model comes with sling stud mounts, offering varied carrying options.

Rossi USA's R95 Triple Black and Laminate models are more than just firearms; they are a testament to the brand's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of shooters. Whether you prefer the modern, sleek look of the Triple Black or the traditional elegance of the Laminate, these models are sure to enhance your shooting experience with their unmatched performance and versatility.

For more information and to view these exceptional models, visit Rossi USA's website and join the ranks of satisfied R95 series owners visit

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