Handy Gadget Review: REAL AVID 4-in-1 Tool for GLOCK

September 7, 2021
David Workman

A good day at the range can turn into a bad day at the range if your gun stops working and you didn’t bring the tools to fix it. Most of us don’t lug a complete tool kit around. It’s too cumbersome, and chances are we won’t need 95 percent of the tools in it. But it is super handy to carry a small selection of the most frequently needed tools or the ones most likely to be used for quick fixes.

Enter the REAL AVID 4-in-1 Tool for Glock, stage right. Glock owners will tell you it doesn’t take much to work on a Glock, on those ultra-rare occasions that something breaks. When it does, you only need a handful of basic tools. And that’s exactly what the 4-in-1 provides, in a very portable package.

Let’s start with the overall design. Like many multi-tool setups, this one keeps all the tools folded neatly inside a small package that fits easily into a pocket on your pants or range bag. Four tools commonly used to service Glocks are included:

  • 3mm armorer’s pin punch fits all Glock pin sizes
  • Flat blade screwdriver for prying slide lock spring & locking block
  • .050-inch Allen wrench for adjusting aftermarket rear sights
  • Magnetic 3/16-inch hex driver fits stock & aftermarket front sights

All four tools hide inside a snag-free, smooth-edged black housing with push button deployment for quick access. Once the tools pop out, they lock into place for surehanded use. The small, contoured case is still big enough to get a good grip when breaking free or torquing down screws or maintaining other parts.

One great bonus of the flat blade screwdriver is it can also be used to adjust the zero on a laser or red dot, depending on the size of the screws. It worked great on my Vortex Venom.

Don’t be fooled by this tool’s diminutive dimensions. Yes, it’s portable and handy, perfect for carrying with you everywhere, but it can also live as a permanent fixture on your tool bench at home. It’s that versatile.

While I didn’t take my Glock 17 completely apart with the 4-in-1 tool, I did use it for some basic maintenance including changing out the backstraps with the 3mm armorer’s punch. It worked perfectly, making that task super simple.

At $24.99 on REAL AVID’s website, this handy tool is a great way to keep four basic Glock tools at the ready 24/7.