Not Your Typical Fanny Pack: SOG Surrept Waistpack

March 18, 2021
Julie Jarnagin

My husband, KJ, gets a few perks from working at Gun Talk. First, he often goes on hunting and shooting trips and calls them “work.” We all know these involve more play than business.  A second perk of being in the industry is that he gets his hands on a lot of new gear. 

While I fully support his obsession with the outdoor industry, I have other interests and don’t pay much attention to the boxes that show up at the house. However, a few days ago, something caught my eye. He pulled out a bag from SOG, and I mentioned that it was a bag I could see myself using. Turns out it was a SOG Surrept Waistpack Carry System

This waist pack isn’t the fanny pack we remember from the late 80s and early 90s. Those floppy bags that hung off your waist weren’t very useful or flattering to wear. I had bought a waist pack about a year ago to take when I was outside with the dog or the kids. It isn’t always convenient to keep track of a purse, and for some reason that I’ll never understand, a lot of clothing made for women don’t have pockets. The bag I had purchased previously just didn’t hold enough. The SOG Surrept Waistpack had multiple zippered storage departments, and I liked the boxy look of the charcoal gray nylon. I also appreciated the option to wear it on my waist or across my torso. It was something KJ and I both could use. 

KJ happily handed over the pack and asked me to let him know what I thought. Our German Shorthaired Pointer has more energy than either of us can handle, so when we took our daily three-mile trek, I decided to try out the new SOG bag. First off, I loved the amount of storage available. It has 4-liter volume, which to me meant it could easily hold my phone, e-collar remote, pepper spray, and the dog supplies I take on our walks. A discreet zippered pocket on the inside would make an ideal place to carry a small firearm if I decide to do so or the perfect spot to keep my wallet. The inside pocket is separate from the front compartment so that everything stays safe and a lock could even be used on the zippers. It also has several other pockets for smaller items, including a dedicated knife pocket. 

The strap was easy to adjust and stays where I want it, making it comfortable for my walk and keeps me from having to readjust it constantly, which was a problem with my previous bag.

I also loved the water-resistant nylon. I can tell that it will hold up for years, and because we’re often out in the rain and weather here in Louisiana, this pack will keep my items dry. 

I won’t just use this bag for my daily walks. It has enough room for my wallet and the essentials I need when I’m out with the kids. Because of its great size, I’m now planning to take it along on our family vacation to Alaska this summer. I hope KJ wasn’t hoping to get this one back because this has officially become my new go-to bag, and I might start keeping a closer eye on what’s in those boxes showing up at the house. ~ Julie

Julie Jarnagin

Julie is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet and inspirational fiction. She grew up in a small Oklahoma town where her family farmed and ranched. These days she lives in Louisiana with her husband and two sons where she works in digital marketing for the home building industry. Julie earned a B.A. in Journalism / Professional Writing from the University of Oklahoma.