*NEW* SureFire Turbo Series

January 19, 2022

From SureFire

SureFire Turbo Series lights emerged in the 1990s when end-user feedback led us to create illumination tools that stretched every lumen of our classic incandescent lamps to astonishing distances. In 2022, our all-new Turbo Series is once again pushing the limits, offering up to 71,000 candela of intense, tightly focused light capable of reaching out to extreme distances. Just like when we pioneered high-candela illumination tools two decades ago, this equipment is engineered to take a beating and thrive in any environment. Some things never change.

The all-new SureFire Turbo series pushes the limits in both handheld and weapon-mounted lights to give you the upper hand in any hostile encounter, near or far. Every Turbo model delivers high-candela illumination that reaches out to extreme distances. Our tightly focused Turbo beams are ideal for LE and military use, where piercing through tinted windows or assessing threats from a safe distance can provide a crucial advantage. You can count them to offer the far-reaching light you need while also retaining a corona of diffused light, so you maintain situational awareness. And they deliver the same proven durability and dependability that’s synonymous with SureFire.


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