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N8 Holsters Launches MultiFlex Holster

January 13, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

N8 Tactical, a trailblazing holster manufacturer dedicated to delivering high-quality, comfortable products for all-day carry, has introduced the most versatile holster on the market. The new N8 Tactical MultiFlex holster, customizable for over 275 full-size and compact handguns, can be easily adapted for IWB (inside waistband) or OWB (outside waistband) carry. It's perfect for extended sessions at the shooting range or for everyday carry.

The MultiFlex boasts a two-part design made from premium polypropylene, ensuring both durability and lightness. It features a comprehensive adjustment system, allowing for tailored tension on the slide, frame bottom, and trigger guard. This, along with a suppressor height sight channel and an optic cut for red dot sights, ensures the holster securely accommodates a wide range of handguns.

The MultiFlex is designed for versatile wearing styles. It includes detachable belt loops for OWB carry and can be easily converted to IWB carry by switching to the provided spring steel belt clips. Additionally, for those who prefer a paddle holster, the back of the MultiFlex accommodates any 1 ½-inch paddle.

Ergonomically crafted with a 12-degree forward cant, the MultiFlex holster is designed to offer an optimal grasp and draw angle, facilitating easy access and rapid engagement, suitable for most shooters.

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