It's STACHE Season

February 9, 2021
Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin

We have a fun game around the office. It’s called “what’s in the box?” When a box shows up I ask Ryan if he can guess what’s in the box based on location of sender. Typically, he nails it spot on. He’s got this uncanny ability to identify company and product, until today. 

KJ: “Hey Ryan! I got a box in yesterday.”

Ryan: “What’s the address?”

KJ: “I’m just going to say it’s out of Virginia Beach.”

Ryan: “Some militaryesque product company?”

KJ: “Close….”

Ryan: “I give.”

KJ: “Quitter. It’s a company that does some holsters.”


I told you he was good. He even guessed that it was a micro-compact holster. I love getting new holsters, and the BLACKHAWK Stache fits a need I’ve been looking for. The Stache is touted as the most technologically advanced modular holster system that was designed never to be seen. Now, that sounds like a bunch of marketers got in a room and came up with some audacious claim about their product. If you had this thought you’d be right, but there is some truth there.

The Stache is modular and is an IWB so it is not to be seen. The rigid IWB holster is available in Base and Premium configurations. Premium configurations include adjustable concealment claw, adjustable inside-the-waistband magazine carrier with belt clip, and an accessory attachment wing for joining holster and mag carrier into platform.

That’s a bunch of options, which make it ideal for the majority of the population, looking for a holster that is seemingly infinitely adjustable.

The Stache doesn’t possess any rough edges that would be cause for concern. BLACKHAWK develops some fine gear, and their holsters are durable and don’t break the bank. The Stache starts out at $39.00, according to their website.

To learn more about the BLACKHAWK Stache CLICK HERE.