Ghost Stryke Extreme by AXIL

November 2, 2021
Chris Cerino

Anyone who spends time on a range needs quality hearing protection, and there are many considerations when buying. Over ear or inner ear are just two deliberations. What about hearing enhancement or “active ears?” Then there is individual earbuds or tethered earbuds, rechargeable or battery operated, and do you want Bluetooth compatible?

Standard hearing protection, without electronics, works well and doesn’t cost much but, you can’t hear with them on/in. I find myself and my students constantly pulling muffs off or plugs out to deliver directions. Undoubtedly, someone close by starts shooting while you’re unprotected, or you simply forget to put them back on.

Personally, I can’t stand over-ears hearing protection. There’s a time and a place for it but not when I need hearing protection all day long, when I’m shooting long guns, or especially on really hot days. Many reading can sympathize.

Hearing enhancement and protection company, AXIL, formerly “Sport Ears” has been making innovative, quality hearing protection for over 64 years. Sport Ears inner-ear hearing protection has long been the envy of every shooter on the range.

Axil continues to make the most advanced hearing protection. Before now, most shooters would shudder at the prices. Enter Axil’s Ghost Strike series of hearing protection.

Ghost Stryke series ear-pro ranges in price range from $139.00 to $799.00 and can be found in tethered-together rechargeable style or individual battery-powered earbud style. As you can imagine, I have experience with all styles and configurations, so I’ll shorten your learning curve.

As a full-time, professional shooter and trainer, I like the Ghost Stryke Digital earbuds and have had the pleasure of owning and using them for over a year now. There are un-tethered models, which require a small hearing-aid battery. 

Students, friends and fans always inquire about my hearing protection and I’m happy to tell them. The price of the GS Digital models may scare some of the hobbyist shooters but the less expensive and equally protective Ghost Stryke Electronic and GS Extreme interests many.

It been some time now that I’ve been using the GS Extreme tethered earbuds and I’ve gotten a ton of use from them. I don’t always have to be shooting to get use from a good set of hearing protection. Air-travel is also a time when High noise reduction rating (NRR) comes in handy and I travel a lot!

Rechargeable hearing enhancement/protection in the past has been, for lack of a better term, abysmal. Early active earbuds rarely lasted a full day and took until tomorrow to recharge. Happily, I can report that my Axil GS Extremes lasted for two days on the range and played Bluetooth music for two flights across the country without charging. 

The GS Extremes offer six times (6X) hearing enhancement so you can hear on the range. A separate control allows you to turn off enhancement and turn on music and phone sound. Movies on airplanes won’t be drowned out by screaming babies or engine noise in the cheap seats.

Both tethered GS series earbuds offer 29 DB noise reduction as well as hearing enhancement. They come with a variety of ear tips that are sized for different ears and have different noise rating reduction. Bluetooth connectivity separates the two models.

Bluetooth for hands free phone conversations while working around the house is invaluable to me. Also, having streaming music or shows while I’m working out or going for a run makes the extra cost well worth it.

The preconceived inconvenience of having the tether dangling below my neck was a non-factor. The buds are comfortable and conform to my ears in a fashion that negated the idea that they were tethered. The flexible cords make it easy to customize the fit.

If you’re looking for inexpensive, high value hearing protection that you can use for more than shooting, take a look at Axil by looking them up online. I think you’ll find you can get this amazing hearing protection for even lower prices when you shop around. ~ Chris

Chris Cerino

Chris is a 28 year veteran of law enforcement. He has been a SWAT member, Federal Agent and more, but mostly he has always been a trainer. He trains internationally, competes regularly and works in the firearms industry in a wide variety of positions.

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