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Frankford Arsenal Essentials Reloading Kit

November 22, 2023
Gun Talk Staff

If you're considering entering the world of reloading, the Frankford Arsenal Essentials Reloading Kit is an all-in-one package that provides you with everything you need to get started. This comprehensive kit, as demonstrated by Gun Talk Media in our YouTube video, is designed for beginners, and includes premium components that you won't want to replace in the future. Let's dive into the key components and features of this kit, showcasing how it can enhance your reloading experience.

Frankford Arsenal Essentials Reloading Kit

Frankford Arsenal has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing quality reloading components, and they've channeled their expertise into creating this comprehensive kit for novice reloaders. The central goal was to assemble a set of components that would last a lifetime and cater to all your reloading needs.

Key Components and Features
Bench-Top Powder Measure:

The kit includes a bench-top powder measure equipped with a micrometer for precise volume adjustment. Its smooth ball bearing action ensures consistent performance. This essential tool helps you accurately dispense powder for your reloading needs.

Frankford Arsenal Precision Scale:

For precision loads, the kit features a Frankford Arsenal Precision Scale. It can run on both 110V and battery power, offering accurate measurements within a range of ±0.1 grain. This level of precision ensures your powder charges are spot on.

Upgraded Aluminum Powder Funnel Kit:

Instead of a standard plastic funnel, the kit includes an upgraded aluminum powder funnel kit. This kit's advantages are numerous: it resists static, preventing powder kernels from sticking, and it promotes even powder flow into the cases, crucial for consistent reloading.

Priming Tools:
D-Priming Tool:
This tool efficiently removes primers from fired brass, making brass preparation easier and faster.

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Hand Primer: Considered one of the best on the market, this hand primer is a must-have for serious reloaders. It accommodates both large and small primers and offers micro-adjustment for seating depth, ensuring precise primer seating.

F1 Single Stage Press:

The press at the heart of the kit is the F1 Single Stage Press. It comes with integrated LED lighting for a well-lit workspace, accommodates standard 7/8-14 dies and shell holders, and features a fully contained primer catch system. The integrated roller bearing ensures smooth operation and durability, making it an exceptional choice for reloading enthusiasts.

Universal Reloading Tray:

The kit includes a Universal Reloading Tray that's ideal for keeping your brass organized and accessible while you charge cases. It accommodates a wide range of cases, from .223 to larger rifle cartridges and handguns. Precise measurements are vital in reloading, and the kit features a set of digital calipers. These calipers are easy to use and zero, ensuring that your measurements are accurate and consistent.

The Frankford Arsenal Essentials Reloading Kit, as highlighted in Gun Talk Media's video, offers a comprehensive and high-quality solution for novice reloaders. This kit is a game-changer for anyone looking to start reloading or upgrade their current setup. With lifetime components and innovative features, it's an investment in your reloading hobby that ensures precision and efficiency.

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